Why choose Help-Me-Park

Why should you choose help me park for your Gatwick meet and greet?

Because Help-me-park is the only company to offer a money-back guarantee that’s why.

All meet and greet is the same right?

Wrong. All meet and greet is not the same. By definition meet and greet at Gatwick is a meet at the terminal, drop the car with the driver, go and check in whilst the driver parks the car.

Then when you get back just call the meet and greet company and the car is ready and waiting outside the terminal.

If only it was that simple.

What can go wrong with your valet parking at Gatwick Airport?

Amongst other things – and we have seen all of these at one time or another

  • No driver to meet you when you just want to catch your plane
  • No one picks up the phone when you call. For an hour or maybe a day!
  • The driver is scruffy, looks too young is inarticulate or does not uniform or ID. Either way you don’t want him in your car and can you be sure he is insured?
  • Your car is not waiting for you or worse still does not turn up for an hour, three days or ever. Yes ever!
  • Your car is returned damaged and you are left with no recourse
  • Your car is returned with no fuel and 100’s of miles on the clock

What we do that others don’t!

We put our money where our mouth is. No other meet and greet parking company at Gatwick will guarantee to be there for you like we do. Help-me-park believes that business is won on promises kept.

Watch our video - Our Unbeatable customer service.

Where is the proof? - Our unique money back guarantee against keeping you waiting

We are so confident that you will be met on time we guarantee it. Yes there are terms and conditions and you can find these here – money back guarantee terms and conditions but generally speaking unless there is a situation beyond our control we guarantee to be on time.

Because we offer you a money-back guarantee against keeping you waiting you know that we are organised and like to do the right thing which leads us to.

Watch our video - Help-me-park's "three pillar" promise to you.

5 great reasons to choose help-me-park

  1. Be on time – every time, not just most of the time.
  2. Always answer the phone - it may be engaged or ring for a moment or two but we always get the phone.
  3. Send you a driver who is articulate, smart, uniformed, carry ID and fully comprehensively insured to drive your car.
  4. Deal with any complaint promptly and fairly.
  5. Park your car locally in a proper car park. We hold the Park Mark® accreditation.
Watch our video - Secure off-airport parking for your car.

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