Help-Me-Park is cheap Meet and Greet parking when all things are considered

We make several commitments to you

  • We will be on time – see our Money Back on-time guarantee
  • We will send a qualified, mature, articulate, uniformed driver who will have ID
  • We will park your car in a real car park that is secure and fit for purpose. We have the Park Mark® accreditation
  • We will do everything we can to provide the best customer service from booking to your return to Gatwick

Please consider the following when looking for the cheapest Meet and Greet Parking at Gatwick

The price will depend on the length of your trip and the time of year as pricing is seasonal at Gatwick.

Did you know the Meet and Greet parking industry at Gatwick is completely unregulated?

Because there is no policing of the meet and greet parking industry at Gatwick it is very attractive to ‘rogue parkers’.

Rogue parkers do not have your interests at heart only their own and they are motivated by money.

There are two ways to make more money

  • Charge more
  • Spend less

Guess which way the rogue parkers go? You guessed it they spend less. This means expensive things like these below get scrimped on.

  • Renting proper car parks and sometimes parking on public roads – yes it is true
  • Buying appropriate insurance – or even any
  • Paying good wages and scheduling staff correctly for the amount of work
  • Staff training and uniform – some drivers have been found not to have a driving licence.

What is the answer?

Here are the average costs broken down for a week’s parking which is typically charged as 8 days. They are not definitive but provide you with a rough guide to what can and cannot be done.

  • It costs roughly £10.00 to send a driver to the airport to collect your car. It is a half hour round trip.
  • It costs roughly £10.00 to send a driver with your car to the airport to return it
  • It costs roughly £1.20 to park one car for one day in a car park that is secure
  • There is £5.92 VAT to be charged so far bringing the total to £35.52.

The costs above do not include

  • Insurance
  • Offices and administration
  • Administrative staff
  • Management staff
  • Web site maintenance and development
  • Vehicle costs to get our drivers too and from the airport
  • Comparison web site commissions – 30% of the gross revenue
  • Adwords – around £15-20 per conversion
  • We are in business so we need to pay rates
  • As we are a business we need to make some money too

So if you are charged £35 for meet and greet parking for a week then corners are being cut somewhere.

Help-Me-Park will commit to

  • Being on time
  • Fantastic, safe drivers
  • Secure parking
  • Great customer service

Get a quotation for your meet and greet parking at Gatwick now!