Worldwide Emergency Mobile Phone Number

Did you know there is an international emergency phone number that can get you access to help and urgent attention, which you can use anywhere in the World from your mobile phone?

Although very few travellers are aware of this number, it’s vital to know this number if you are travelling alone or to remote parts of the world. It’s even worth knowing if you’re holidaying with a tour operator on a traditional package holiday; you just don’t know when you might get stuck.

As well as keeping in touch with friends and family while you’re away, your mobile phone can also help you should the worst happen.

The emergency mobile phone number to use on any mobile, from any county in the world, is 112.

Even if your mobile phone signal is out of the range of your network provider’s coverage, the number can still be used.

It works by tracing all available mobile networks until a signal is received, allowing you to make a call to the emergency department in the country you are in.

The emergency number, 112, can even be used when the keypad is locked.