Winter Car Check Tips

Many off us are about to jet off for our winter holidays, and for a large percentage of us, getting to the airport involves driving. However, in the exciting build up to our holiday, most of us forget to make sure our cars are in tip top condition to get us there safely – even if it’s just a short trip to the airport.

Harsh winter conditions can play havoc with our cars and make driving more difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and advice to give your vehicle the once over the day before you set off for the airport:

  • To avoid a last-minute panic or detour, fill your car up with petrol a day or two before departure 
  • Check your oil level
  • Check your tyres – check the tyre pressure and make sure they have sufficient tread - at least 3mm is recommended for winter driving
  • Check the coolant level in your car and make sure it has the correct amount of antifreeze for the winter season
  • Check your lights and indicators are all working and give them a good clean
  • Whilst you’re in the mood to clean, make sure both the inside and outside of your windscreen are crystal clear
  • Check your screen wash and top up if necessary with a solution suitable for the winter – one that will not freeze on contact with your windscreen
  • Check your battery – no one wants to return home to a flat battery, or find that their car won't start for their journey to the airport
  • Invest in a warning triangle, which will alert other motorists if you breakdown or are involved in an accident, 
  • If your car isn’t fitted with Sat Nav and you don’t have a separate device, such as a Tom Tom, download a Sat Nav app on your mobile in case of any diversions. Alternatively, make sure you have a map in the car
  • Member of a breakdown service? Make sure their contact details are in your phone and you are carrying your membership card
  • If you’re travelling in heavy snow or if snow is forecast, make sure you: 
    • Always travel with a thick warm coat.
    • Pack a thermos flask with a warm drink.
    • Pack some snacks, especially if you have children in the car – this can also be useful if you are stuck in traffic.
    • Pack a warm blanket in case you are stuck in traffic for many hours and your engine needs to be switched off.