Which? Issues Apply-Once Suntan Lotion Warning

If you’re jetting off on holiday this summer the chances are you are looking to buy your suntan lotions as we speak.

If you’re considering buying an ‘apply-once’ or a ‘once-a-day’ suntan lotion you might want to reconsider given the recent research and testing undertaken by leading consumer watchdog magazine, Which?. A message to which the Cancer Research UK concur.

And the advice is to leave well alone!

It’s easy to see the appeal of ‘Apply-one’ and ‘once-a-day’ suntan lotions.  However, according to Which? these claims don’t appear to be upheld when put up to the test for a 6-8 hour period of sun exposure.  

It’s worrying when as many of 70% of Which? members claim to use once-a-day sun protection products, or are interested in their convenient appeal.

Four of the UK’s leading once-a-day suntan lotions were put through Which? magazine’s rigorous and independent lab tests, with the results published earlier this month (June).

The results were worrying to say the least:

  • On average, the once a day, apply once suntan lotions lost 74% of their SPF protection during a 6-8 hour test period. SPF protection is vital against the cause of skin cancer – one of the UK’s most rapidly increases forms of cancer.
  • Apply-once suntan lotions are not invincible against coming off on clothing, beach towels, sweat and water and as a result, protection is naturally lost through ‘wear and tear’.
  • If lotion isn’t applied properly, and parts of the skin are missed, these will receive no protection from the skin’s harmful rays for a whole day.  

Skin cancer is at an all time high. Also known as malignant melanoma, skin cancer causes more thab 2,000 deaths a year.

Apply-Once and Once-a-Day suntan lotion claims are banned in Australia

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