What is Park Mark?

Park Mark is... Safer, more secure and reliable parking.

A car is probably the second most expensive purchase you will ever make, so it’s essential that when it’s entrusted to a parking company, you have the utmost peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is parked safely and securely.

But, at a time when car theft is high and rogue traders are rife, how can you be sure your car is parked as safely as possible? 

The answer is... The Safer Parking Park Mark Scheme.

The Secure Car Park Award was created in 1992 by the Association of Chief Police Officers however, in 2004, this evolved into the Safer Parking Scheme - Park Mark. 

  • Research conducted in 1992 by the AA, found that 21% of its members refused to park in public car parks due to safety concerns - not only for their vehicles but also for themselves.
  • Prior to that, in 1991, a report by AutoCar and Motor Magazine found that 400,000 car break-ins had occurred, and £476 million worth of goods stolen.

Park Mark aims
The aim of the scheme was to reduce criminal activity and fear of crime in car parks, regardless of where those car parks were located. 

Park Mark-approved parking facilities spread all across the UK – cities, towns and villages, car parks in hospitals, shopping centres, train stations, airports and leisure centres, to name but a few.

The coveted Park Mark parking accreditation is only awarded to parking facilities that meet the highest levels of safety and security standards required. Establishments that actively reduce crime as a result of their security measures. 

Each car parking facility is rigorously checked by trained Police Assessors – they check lighting, security, fencing, CCTV, patrols etc., so, in the words of the Safer Parking Scheme a car park must “Look safer. Feel safer. Because it is safer.”

As a result of increasing public awareness of Park Mark, the Safer Parking Scheme hopes that all car parks will be assessed, and that all UK car parks will strive to achieve the high standards needed to be awarded the Park Mark.  

Out of an estimated 20,000 car parks in the UK, 5,000 have been awarde the Safer Parking Park Mark award.

Car parks, not companies, are awarded Park Mark, and size doesn’t matter to Park Mark – safety does. The smallest Park Mark approved car park has a mere 10 car parking spaces, while the largest Park Mark approved facility has a staggering 13,000 spaces.

Car parks are inspected annually to ensure that high standards of security and safety are maintained.

How to spot a Park Mark car park
You can easily identify a parking facility that holds the prestigious Park Mark award. Firstly, they will be showing off this status “loud and proud” within their marketing material. Secondly, you’ll recognise the eye-catching logo – a bright blue coloured box with a large white tick in the centre.

Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme
Did you know? The Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme for meet and greet airport parking will only consider adding members to its scheme if, amongst other things, they hold the Park Mark.  

By using only Park Mark Gatwick Approved Operators, holidaymakers will avoid rogue traders who prey on vulnerable travellers in need of cheap meet and greet valet parking.

Help Me Park is proud to announce that all its car parks hold the Safer Parking Park Mark award.