Vegan options at Gatwick Airport

What are the best food options available for vegans at Gatwick Airport?

More people than ever are asking this question, as the plant-based movement continues to grow in popularity at a rapid pace.

The number of vegans in Britain has risen by 360% in the last 10 years, and with an estimated 150,000 people taking part in Veganuary this year, we thought it was high time we examined exactly what’s available at Gatwick for vegans.

To make things as easy as possible for vegans travelling out of Gatwick, we’ve searched as many establishments as we can to hunt down a plant-based option at each one, where possible.

Armadillo vegan options

Start the day right with breakfast at Armadillo – vegans can enjoy porridge with soya milk or water, adding banana, pecans and maple syrup or toast or an English muffin with jam or Marmite.

For lunch, there are no vegan options on the menu, but plenty of veggie options which could potentially be made vegan by omitting the cheese and yogurt/dressings, including a quinoa salad, falafel burger, burrito or chilli.

Comptoir Libanais vegan options

This Lebanese chain is full of options for vegans, featuring plenty of delicious falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, freekeh, baba ganoush and more. Just skip the halloumi and yogurt, and many of the mains can be made vegan.

Costa vegan options

Costa has upped its game this year for Veganuary, so alongside soya milk they are also offering coconut milk for your latte, cappuccino or even hot chocolate (just hold the sprinkles). There’s also now a vegan cake available at Costa, following the success of the chain’s vegan mince pies over the festive period. So, why not grab a vegan-friendly “paradise slice”, which has a coconut base with sultanas, apricot and cranberries, as well as a chocolate topping and raspberry and pistachio crumb. We’re heading there right now!

Garfunkels vegan options

Garfunkels offers Instagram’s favourite breakfast, avocado toast, for vegans, as well as a bruschetta which is available as a small plate. There are limited veggie options, so it’s not the greatest for those following a plant-based diet, but dishes like the penna arrabiata and meadows salad sound like they can be veganised by leaving out the cheese.

Giraffe World Kitchen vegan options

Opt for a Green Canyon smoothie if you find yourself at Giraffe for breakfast. When lunchtime or dinner rolls around, you can feast on olives, edamame beans, the San Fran super salad or a hearty Indo-Coco curry to warm you up before you fly.

Grain Store Café & Bar vegan options

The Grain Store offers avocado on toasted sourdough with fresh chilli and toasted seeds for breakfast, and instructs vegans to ask their waiter for more options available. And while its main menu boasts its very own vegan icon, you may be disappointed to discover it’s only shown next to two sides on the entire menu – avocado and garden salad. As always, it’s best to ask, as there are plenty of veggie options which can presumably be veganised, like the superfood bowl or chilli con veggie.

Jamie Oliver at Gatwick Airport vegan options

Jamie Oliver offers a range of vegan options at his various Gatwick eateries, which include Jamie’s Diner, Jamie’s Italian and Jamie’s Bakery.

With the best choice of all his Gatwick establishments, Jamie’s Italian has vegan options marked up on the menu for easy searching and ordering. Choose from olives, bread and tomato bruschetta to start, then tuck into veggie tagliatelle Bolognese, superfood salad, roasted aubergine or Caesar salad for mains. Just be aware, the vegan menu icon denotes a meal which can be made vegan, rather than a vegan-ready option, so be sure to ask for the vegan version of your chosen dish.

Although not marked up as vegan, we’re sure many of the options at Jamie’s Diner Gatwick Airport can be made vegan if they’re not already – like sweetcorn fritters with avocado and salsa or coconut yogurt for breakfast (minus the honey), supercorn and quinoa salad (minus the feta) and veggie burger (minus the cucumber raita) for lunch or dinner.

Nando’s vegan options

Surprisingly, Nando’s is becoming more and more vegan-friendly if you scour the non-chicken options on the menu. Last year, the chain launched two new vegan burgers, the supergreen and sweet potato & butternut burgers. Just make sure you opt for a pitta rather than the listed brioche burger bun, and hold the mayo, which contains egg (cheeky, Nando’s!).

Bonus alert – wondering which Nando’s sides are suitable for vegans? You’re in luck – the garlic bread, corn on the cob, chips, chargrilled veg and sweet potato wedges (without the dip) are all vegan.

Pret A Manger vegan options

Althought Pret doesn’t have a menu available on Gatwick Airport’s website, most vegans know the chain is generally very vegan-friendly and just last year launched veggie-only outlets in selected locations.

If you’re lucky, you should be able to find a vegan-friendly wrap, salad box, soup and maybe even a brownie, which you can wash down with a latte made with a range of plant milks on offer.

Starbucks vegan options

Never one to miss out on a trend, Starbucks has been offering coconut milk alongside soya in all of its chains for some time now. New for Veganuary 2018, you should find a jackfruit wrap, dark chocolate and hazelnut bar and oatmeal porridge made with soya milk and coconut cream.

Wetherspoon vegan options

There are three Wetherspoon outlets at Gatwick Airport – the Flying Horse, the Red Lion and the Beehive. And the good news for vegans, is that Wetherspoon’s has its own vegan menu full of plant-powered dishes to enjoy before your holiday.

For breakfast, choose from fresh fruit, bagel with jam or build your own with tomato, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, toast and avocado.

Start your main meal by enjoying nachos with guacamole and salsa (make sure you ask them to hold the sour cream and cheese).

For mains, you can feast on the sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry with rice, a vegetable samosa and an onion bhaji (just hold the naan, as this contains yogurt). Alternatively, there’s pasta pomodoro or a jacket potato with baked beans and salad.

The Nicholas Culpeper vegan options

Vegan options are limited at the Nicholas Culpeper at Gatwick. There’s a promising sounding brown rice and mushroom burger with smashed avocado and pea shoots with chunky chips, but unfortunately we’ve been unable to confirm if this is indeed a veritable vegan option. If you do go and manage to confirm this, please let us know so we can share!

Wagamama vegan options

A much better option for vegans travelling from Gatwick Airport is Wagamama, which launched a dedicated vegan menu in late 2017.

New for 2018 is the vegatsu, a vegan version of their popular katsu curry, made using seitan and served with rice. Make sure you try the mushroom bao too!

Other vegan options at Wagamama's include rice noodles in a spicy green coconut soup with tofu (yasai itame), tofu and mushroom ramen (kare buroso ramen), yasai pad thai, yaki soba, a warm stir fry vegetable and tofu salad and samla lemongrass and coconut curry for mains, adding steamed vegetable dumplings (yasai gyoza), wok-fried greens, edamame beans and raw salad as sides.

Vegans really are spoiled for choice at Wagamama, so it’s over to you to persuade your omni travelling buddies to hotfoot it there for a bite.

Wondertree vegan options

Wondertree states on its menu that it has no dedicated cooking area for vegetarian food, so strict vegans may wish to dine elsewhere. However, if you do want to risk it, the mini mezze, tofu and butternut ramen, dukka veggie burger (without the ‘slaw) and green quinoa salad (minus the honey-based dressing) all sound vegan, but always best to check with your waiter.

Yo! Sushi vegan options

Very handily for vegans, Yo! Sushi has a separate vegan menu on its website, so it’s worth asking if this is available in the restaurant.  The choice is plentiful, including tofu or pumpkin katsu curry, vegetable gyoza dumplings, vegetable tempura, miso soup, vegetable noodles, cucumber maki rolls, inari or kaiso nigari rice blocks, and edamame, kaiso seaweed or harusame aubergine fresh salads.


So, which of the options will you be going for?

It’s important to say, we’ve simply scoured the menus available for all of the establishments listed to find the best possible vegan options at Gatwick, but where adaptations our suggested, this is purely based on our assumptions and shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee. As vegans know, it’s always crucial to check with your server and chef before ordering, to make sure you’re going to receive a fully plant-based dish to enjoy.

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