Trollies At Gatwick

Gatwick Airport has, quite literally, thousands of trollies throughout the airport.

You will find plenty at as you arrive at the airport in Departures. There are also many in Arrivals, in the train station, the baggage halls and car parks.

The trollies are plenty big enough to fit a family’s luggage, and have a handy top section; perfect for handbags or laptop bags.

To use a trolley you must have a £1 coin – or a €1 or US 25-cent coin. This coin will be refunded to you once the trolley is returned.

Don't have a coin available? Don't worry, there are change machines in the terminal buildings, and the Bureau de Change desks will also oblige with change for your trolley at Gatwick.

Please note, for health and safety reasons, children (or adults) are not permitted to travel on the trolley.