Travel Tips to Save Money on Your Holiday

Holidays are expensive enough, so before you book this year's holiday take a look at some of our tips that could reduce the price of your holiday and save you money on other holiday extras:

Cheap Flights
Don’t always assume that the traditional ‘budget’ airlines will always be the cheapest. Instead of looking at each airline’s website to check prices, visit Skyscanner, Travelsupermarket, Kayak and similer sites. All these sites search the whole market for the very best deals.

  • TOP TIP – consider travelling on different days of the week. If you can be flexible on your travel dates, look at flying on Mondays, which are far cheaper than days towards the end of the week and weekend flights. Also look at the time you are flying; early morning flights can be considerably cheaper than afternoon and evening flights.

Pre-book Airport Parking
The sooner you book your airport parking, the cheaper it will be. The very best deals are found online and in advance of travel. Never just turn up on the day or you’ll be paying way over the odds!

Car Hire
Again, once you’ve booked your trip and you know you’ll need a car, investigate car hire costs. Booking in advance, and online, will ensure you get the very best deal. If you leave booking car hire until you’ve arrived at your destinations you'll find prices are a lot higher, or risk no cars being available.

Don't forget that from 8 June 2015, you will need a special code to share your driving licence information with your car rental company.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a necessity when travelling overseas so don’t even thinking about not buying it! If you’re travelling overseas more than once in the 12-month period investigate annual travel insurance. Usually this is considerably cheaper than buying separate single-travel polices, and sees big savings if you’re travelling several times.

Don't forget to buy your travel insurance when you book your holiday.

Sat Nav App
There's a clever app that doesn’t incur data roaming expenses and transforms your phone into a comprehensive sat nav system – the Navmii app. The app is free for iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices and comes with pre-loaded maps, voice prompts and route planning for 28 countries across the globe.

Pack a Picnic
Forget buying expensive in-flight refreshments, simply pack a picnic.

Contrary to popular belief, food items are permitted through security and onto flights – not liquid foods such as soups or yoghurts that need to adhere to the 100ml ruling – but solid food like sandwiches and crisps etc.

  • TOP TIP – if you’re travelling with children make sure you’ve packed a picnic and lots of snacks that will see you through not only the flight but also any delays you may experience.

    Munching on a few snacks will help keep little ones quiet on long and boring flights. What’s more, get them a drink for take-off. Whilst you can’t take water through security you can buy it in the shops in the Departure Lounge for the plane – getting them to drink continuously during take-off and landing will help prevent painful popping ears!

Turn Off Mobile Data Roaming
Don’t get stung by any nasty surprises when you get back home to find your mobile phone bill is through the roof! Make sure you turn off your 3G and 4G data roaming. Even if you aren’t actively using apps such as Facebook, your phone will still be picking up updates and charging you for them.

  • TOP TIP – if you want to use your phone whilst overseas, speak to your mobile service provider before you travel and see if you can add on a temporary package. Usually you can add a 30-day internet roaming package at a reasonable price.
  • TOP TIP – If you plan to stay by the pool for a couple of weeks, then look into whether your hotel offers free Wi-Fi, which will mean there's need to pay for temporary data roaming packages!

Attraction Tickets
It’s worth spending the time before you travel to check out any deals or multi-buys on offer for popular theme parks and days out online. Even if there aren’t deals to be had, it’s still worth buying them in advance as you can avoid lengthy queues once you’re there– usually there is a gate to walk straight through for those with pre-paid tickets.