Top 8 Airport Annoyances

At a time when the UK’s two largest airports battle for expansion, we take a look at what actually gets us annoyed when travelling through an airport

Here’s our list of the most annoying things at an airport:

  1. Baggage Trolleys
    Baggage trolleys make life so much easier at the airport, however, even the most regular travellers will often forget that they need change to use one. Most of us are left searching our pockets and bags for a £1 or a €1 coin.
  2. Baggage Trolley Charges
    Some airports across the world charge to use trolleys, take London Luton Airport for example, where the charge to use a trolleys is £2 or €2 – non-refundable. Fortunately for Heathrow and Gatwick passengers, trolleys are free to use, however, at Gatwick you will need a £1, €1 or US 25-cent coin, which will be refunded when the trolley is returned.
  3. Other Passengers
    Well, no, not all passengers, just those who are unprepared. The ones that wait until they get to the front of the check-in desk to start rummaging in their bags looking for their passports, boarding passes etc. Then, at security, there are the passengers that aren’t prepared, wasting time removing change from their pockets and items from luggage.
  4. “Can I see your boarding pass please”
    You can go into an airport restaurant and buy a meal without showing your boarding pass, but why is it, when you’re only buying a newspaper or a bar of chocolate, you are required to show your boarding pass?
  5. Battery Low
    There’s nothing worse, you get to the airport and realise your electronic device is running low yet power point charging areas are few and far between. With the introduction of the rules governing electronic equipment, many airports have introduced charging points so that passengers can top-up or fully charge their phones. At Gatwick, Charge Box has secure lockers so that passengers can recharge their equipment for between 30 and 90 minutes.
  6. Overpriced Food & Drink
    Many of us think that a bite to eat at the airport is part of the holiday experience; it gets us in the holiday mood. However, the cost of food and drink at the airport puts many of us off and, instead, we take a packed lunch.
  7. Affordable Airport Shopping
    So qualifying for tax and duty free shopping is nice, but for most of us we need more than those discounts to be able to afford the designer, boutique stores in the airport’s departure lounge. Many travellers would actually prefer to see a good number of quality high street shops instead.
  8. Baggage Reclaim
    What really gets many travellers angry is the baggage reclaim. How often do you see an entire family insist on standing right by the luggage belt to collect their luggage, preventing some people from accessing the belt? Surely, there’s an unwritten rule that says each family should have just one person designated to collect luggage from the carousel?