Top 10 Worst Habits of Air Travellers

Love it or loath it, the reality is that, nowadays, most of us fly.

Whether it's for business or pleasure, hopping on to an aircraft and jetting away has become a way of life and, judging by the amount of flying we do, you’d think that it would be a rather enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, sometimes, flying is far from enjoyable - perhaps if we were travelling by ourselves on a private jet it might be good - but most of us have to fly with ‘Joe Public’, which doesn’t always make for a pleasant trip.

Whether it’s our fellow passengers hogging the arm rest, strangers who chat too much, or inconsiderate passengers who slam their seat back too far, there are lots of annoying passengers out there. So many in fact that London City Airport surveyed its passengers and compiled the top-10 list of things that annoys us the most:

  1. Seat Recliners
    Oh yes, in at No.1 are those annoying seat recliners. Picture the scene... along comes the drinks trolley, you order your G&T to celebrate the fact you’re on your holidays, bliss. And then it comes. Bang, wallop, crash, the person in front has just slammed their seat back with such force your ‘ice & a slice’ has been sent flying. Yes, we can see why it’s in at No. 1.
  2. Arm Rest Hoggers
    Major design flaw surely? Two seats, one armrest, and your fellow passenger has decided it’s theirs and only theirs.
  3. Service With a Smile
    Embarrassed on their behalf, the third most annoying thing is the way some passengers are rude and surly to the cabin crew. We agree, service with a smile goes both ways but having some manners, and a little respect, when speaking to the cabin crew isn’t a big ask.
  4. Oversized Hand Luggage
    Baggage size restrictions exist for a reason. If everyone stuck to the correct size of hand luggage, in most instances, everyone could take their carry-on bag onto the aircraft. So it’s very annoying when we’re in a queue to board and the person upfront clearly has an oversized bag; especially if this means some poor soul at the end of the queue has to put their hand luggage in the main hold.
  5. Loud Voices
    Outside voices need to stay outside, and on a plane it’s most definitely inside voices! No one wants to hear a conversation by the people next to them at the same sound level as Dom Joly’s “HELLO” character.
  6. Pushers and Shovers
    Imagine it... the aircraft doors are about to be opened and it’s tenser than the Harrods sale. But remember, everyone’s baggage comes off at the same time so pushing and shoving to get off the plane and first in line at passport control just isn’t necessary.
  7. Up, Down, Up, Down
    You’ve got an aisle seat – bonus! Not so if the person sitting next to you constantly wants to get things out of the overhead locker. You have to move, you invariable get bashed on the head by luggage or elbows, and you sit back down only to have to move again. Why oh why can’t these people get all they need out at the start?
  8. Feet
    Ok, so we all appreciate that getting comfy, or even sleeping, is difficult on board a plane. But why on earth do some passengers insist on wedging their feet in the gap in front of them? Not only is it not the done thing but it unhygienic having someone else’s shoes poking out of a gap right near to your face.
  9. Swearing
    No one wants to hear bad language at the best of times, and certainly not on a crowded plane. Passengers who have total disregard for their fellow passengers and swear loudly for all to hear get on everyone’s nerves, particularly when small children are nearby.
  10. Window Hoggers
    At number ten in the most annoying traits of our fellow passenger is window hogging. OK, so we all feel like we’ve won the lottery when we bag the window seat, but spare a thought for those who can’t see out. When you lean right over, the chances are you’re blocking the view for everyone, even those sitting in the opposite aisle seat. Everyone wants a small glimpse of land, whether that’s the landing strip, a beach or the alps.

A spokesperson for London City Airport commented on the survey results, saying, “On an aeroplane we get closer to strangers than we would in most settings, so it’s no wonder little things can irritate us.”

Well, looking at this top 10, never a truer word said.