Top 10 Items We Can’t Travel Without

What type of traveller are you? Do you pack everything but the kitchen sink? Or do you travel light, packing just the bare essentials, sometimes forgetting things?

Whatever type of packer you are, here’s a list of what the nation’s online community can’t travel without:

  1. Mobile Phone
    For emergencies or for just keeping in touch, listening to music, surfing the net or taking pictures, the versatile mobile phone is the number one item you can’t travel without.
  2. Camera
    Memories last forever, and whilst today’s mobile phones take great pictures, there’s nothing like a really good snap to capture your travels forever.
  3. Music
    To while away delays at the airport, on a long coach journey or just to help you relax on the beach, an iPod, MP3 player and such like is a definite must to enjoy the soundtrack to our travels.
  4. Books/Kindle
    For many years a good old-fashioned paperback has accompanied us on our travels, but thanks to technology, literally hundreds of books can be packed courtesy of an e-Reader such as a Kindle.
  5. Credit Card
    Not just to spend on souvenirs but for any unforeseen emergencies.
  6. Cash
    Not quite as fashionable as it once was, but taking cash negates the need to find a cash point or exchange travellers’ cheques.
  7. Travel Guide
    Many of us want to embrace the local cultures, whether our travels are back packing, city breaks or an island beach escape; either way a travel guide is a firm favourite.
  8. Travel Plug
    Essential for recharging mobile phones, music devices, e-Readers, cameras and using hair dryers and straigheners.
  9. First Aid Kit
    From insect repellents, plasters, headache tablets and children’s medicines, a simple first aid kit is a must. 
  10. Note Pad & Pen
    Writing down taxi numbers, addresses, communicating with the locals or sending a good old-fashioned postcard home, even in this techno age, a good old pen and paper sneaks into the Top Ten!