Tips for talking golf clubs on a plane

Golfing is one of the world’s most popular sports and, over the years, overseas golfing holidays have seen a sharp rise in popularity. However, if you’re new to overseas golfing travel then check out the following advice and information about taking your golf clubs on holiday:

Golf club hire
Most golfers will want to take their own clubs with them on holiday because they feel that different clubs affect their game and subsequently will affect their holiday enjoyment. Think carefully about whether you take your own clubs or hire them abroad. If you do wish to hire clubs, check with your golf holiday provider to see if you need to book these in advance or if you can make the decision when you arrive.

How to book golf equipment on to a plane
Booking your golf equipment on to a flight is easy. When booking your ticket you will see the options for sports equipment - book your golf clubs on to the flight here, filling in all necessary information. You will also be given information on any weight restrictions and sizing. You will be charged for your flight ticket, with an extra premium added to take your golf clubs with you.

Clubs in main hold
As precious as your golf clubs are, you will not be able to carry them on as hand luggage – you will be amazed at how many people don’t actually know that! Your golf clubs will have to be checked in at the same time as your main suitcase.

Weight allowance for golf clubs on a plane
As with all types of baggage, there are restrictions on the weight and size of your golf bag. For most airlines it is between 20kg (most budget airlines) and 23kg, but do check before making your way to the airport. Airlines provide this information on their websites and it’s likely to be provided when you book your ticket and golf clubs for travel. If your bag, with its hard case, weighs more than the allowed weight there may be an additional charge over and above the charge made for taking your clubs.

Protecting your clubs in transit
Just like a suitcase, your golf clubs are going to get thrown about. Therefore it is essential you invest in a high quality sturdy bag. You will have two options of golf club case: a soft case or a hard case. For aircraft travel a hard case is vital, a soft case will not provide sufficient protection for your clubs. These can be obtained in most golfing shops or online – invest in the best bag you can afford.

Safe & secure packaging
Unless your clubs are safe and securely packed, they may be refused travel. Make sure all zips are working, there are no holes in the fabric or cracks in hard cases and no pointed or sharp items are poking out.

Clear labelling
Just as you would put a luggage label on your suitcase, be sure to clearly label your golf club bag. As well as an external luggage label, it is also worth putting a piece of paper inside your bag with your destination contact details on – your hotel, country, flight number and mobile phone number - should the external label get detached.

Golfing accessory storage
Many golfing travel bags have handy areas to safely store your tees, markers etc. It’s advisable to use these handy pockets so all your golfing equipment is stored together. Many even have larger pockets for golfing shoes. You will also be able to slot in a golfing umbrella too. It also means you can hit the greens immediately after arriving at your destination rather than rummaging through your suitcase trying to find everything.

Travel insurance
You will need sufficient cover for your golfing holiday. It is advisable to seek out specific golfing travel insurance. Not only to provide sufficient cover for your golf clubs but for many other golfing related areas. Check cover for your golfing holiday includes theft, loss or accidental damage to your golf clubs and those that may be hired, loss of paid-for green fees as well as cover for the actual holiday and travel itself.