Tips for Bagging a Bargain Flight

It’s something we all want to take advantage of... cheap flights. But how easy is it really to find those bargain flights?

Hardened professionals think nothing of staying up all night, just to be the very first to book the cheapest ‘day of release’ flights at midnight. But for many of us we either don’t know when they’ll be released, or we fall asleep!

Others ‘enjoy’ the thankless task of spending hours trawling websites to no avail. Well fear not, there are some other things you can consider to bag yourself a cheaper flight and they’re right here ...

Flight Times
Flight times can make a big difference to the price you’ll pay for an air ticket. If you can be flexible consider flying at anti-social hours.

Days of the Week
Again, if you can be flexible, consider the day you fly. Weekends are usually much more expensive, yet Mondays and Tuesdays can see lower-priced flights.

Peak Periods
If you haven’t got children you can be forgiven for not realising the dates of the school holidays. So be sure to check that you’re not flying during these peak periods – school half terms and holidays are more often than you think – February, Easter, May/June, August, October and Christmas!

Non-Direct Flights
If you can be flexible consider a non-direct service whereby you have a stopover – often these flights are much cheaper than direct services.

Smaller Airports
Don’t forget, there’s a huge choice of airports around the UK, all offering a huge choice of flights and destinations. Flying from smaller, regional airports will see cheaper air fares compared to the larger hub airports in the country.

Single Tickets
It may sound crazy, but check the cost of a return flight compared to a single flight out and a single flight booking on your return – again, occasionally this can be cheaper!

Travel with Different Airlines
Don’t think that just because you are flying out with one airline, you have to book a return flight with the same carrier. As mentioned above, as well as looking at single ticket prices, also compare the costs of outward- and inward-bound flights across different airlines as often you can save by flying with different carriers on each journey.

Subscribe to Airline Newsletters
Whilst you don’t want to be bombarded with junk emails, do consider signing up to airline newsletters. You may get the heads up on special offers and early-bird discounts.

Check Social Media
When you’re looking for a flight, don’t forget to check the social media accounts of any airlines you are considering flying with – if they are having flash sales or discount days these will be advertised on marketing platforms such as Twitter.

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