Things to Do The Day Before You Travel

Do you struggle to get organised for your holiday? Think you’ve got everything covered, only to discover you’ve still got masses to do before you leave. Or perhaps you leave everything to the last minute then panic because you have so much to do and so little time.

If you’re one of the many for whom all ‘hell breaks loose’ on the day of their holiday, then help is at hand.

Check out our top tips on how to get organised, and what to do on the day before you travel.  This way, when the big day arrives you can avoid any pre-holiday madness.

The Day Before You Travel

  • Passports
    Get your passport out and put it by your case, or ideally in your hand luggage. Before you pack it, take a photo of your passport with your mobile phone, so that in the event of you losing it or having it stolen, it will make it easier to get a replacement.
  • Travel Documents
    Gather up all your travel documents, including your meet and greet parking details, and place them in your hand luggage. Again, before you pack them, take a photo of everything ‘just in case’. This way you’ll have reference numbers and contact numbers.
  • Kitchen
    No one wants to return to rotting food after a week or two away, so don’t forget to go through your fridge and cupboards and get rid of, or use, any perishable food – cook, freeze or throw it out. Don’t forget you can take food onto an aircraft, so instead of throwing it out, why not bag up a little packed lunch. Remember, liquid foods must be in containers of 100ml or less and placed in a sealed liquids bag to pass through security.
  • Weigh Your Suitcase
    You should already know what your maximum luggage allowance is. You can find this out by checking your airline’s website. Once you know, weigh your suitcase. A good way to do this is to firstly weigh yourself, and then weigh yourself again while carrying your suitcase, deduct your weight from the overall total and you'll have the weight of your suitcase.  Excess luggage fees are costly, and the alternative to paying them is to take items out of your case and dump them at the airport, so whittle down your case's contents while you have the chance.
  • Travel Clothes
    Get out the clothes you plan to travel in the night before, this is especially important if you have a very early morning flight. You don’t want to waste time working out what to wear when you’re up against time.
  • Last-minute Items
    If you need to add things to your case the following morning, because you need to use it that night, write a large note of what those items are and leave it by your case – things like toothbrush, make up etc.
  • Back up Your Digital Tech
    Make sure you’ve downloaded any photos on your mobile and/or cameras, just in case you lose them and historic photos are lost, for good.
  • Cancel Deliveries
    Cancel any regular deliveries, such as newspapers and milk. Nothing screams “empty house” more than a build-up of deliveries.
  • Travel Insurance
    Double check you have taken out travel insurance. It’s not just about covering your lost luggage – it covers your health too.
  • Foreign Currency
    Save yourself £££s and buy your foreign currency before you arrive at the airport.  Airport bureau de change outlets offer some of the worst deals on foreign currency.
  • Cash
    Make sure you have some cash on you for your time whilst you’re at the airport.
  • Inform a Neighbour
    Tell your neighbours that you will be away for a while so they can keep an eye on your property.

The Day of Your Travel

  • Lat-Minute Items
    Pack any last-minute items – the ones on the list by your suitcase: toothbrush, toothpaste, make up etc.
  • Food
    Double check that all perishable foods from cupboards and fridge have been disposed of.
  • Dishwasher
    Don’t forget to check that your dishwasher is empty of dirty dishes.
  • Rubbish
    Empty the kitchen bin, and any other bins you might have around the house.
  • Heating
    Turn off the heating and hot water.
  • Locks
    Check that back gates and doors are securely locked.

Now all that is left to do is jet off and enjoy yourself - Happy Holidays!