The Smart Girl’s Packing Guide

If the thought of packing fills you with dread, you’re not alone!

Deciding what to pack, how to pack and trying to decant lotions and potions into 100ml-sized bottles can seem like a daunting task.

But, thanks to our smart packing tips, you’ll never look at packing in the same light again:

Clips and Grips
Store hairgrips and clips in a tic-tac container.

Band Aid
Keep hair bands to hand by wrapping them around the handle of your hairbrush.

Place your shoes in disposable shower caps to keep your case and clothes clean.

Prevent your powdered make-up products breaking in transit by placing a cotton wool pad on top of the powder before closing the lid.

Foundation is expensive and you may not want to travel with a full bottle, so pick up a free sample or a ‘tester pot’ to take in your hand luggage.

Day & Night Moisturiser
Don’t carry separate containers of day and night moisturiser, decant a small amount of each into a contact lens case.

Jewellery Bags
Look out for cheap, compartmentalised make-up bags – you can often find them in pound shops. They roll up and have about 5 or 6 separate zipped compartments, perfect for packing your jewellery to save it getting tangled.

Play It Loud
No need to pack your mini speakers, pop your mobile into an empty glass and the sound is amplified around the room.

Pack a few pegs so that you can hang up wet swimwear above the shower, or on a balcony drier.

A glasses case is a great way to keep chargers and leads tangle free.

Fresh Luggage
Keep your luggage fresh by packing some scented drawer liners (or tumble-dryer sheets) in between your clothes.

Pack a few empty carrier bags to keep your dirty washing separate from your clean clothes and prevent unnecessary washing when you get home.

Roll Don’t Fold
Clothes take up less space when rolled and are less likely to crease.

Mix and Match
Pack colour co-ordinated clothes – you’ll need fewer clothes and get more outfits.

Check the weather forecast, just in case you need to pack a brolly.

Heavy clothes
Pack your lightweight clothes and wear your heavy, bulky clothes to save space in your bag.

Liquid Rules
Make sure all hand luggage liquids adhere to the 100ml rules.

Finally, have a great holiday, and don’t forget to book your meet and greet parking.