Skiing Holidays - Guide to Airline Charges for Skis

If you’ve booked a package ski holiday then it's more than likely that the total cost of your holiday includes taking your skis on the airplane. However, it’s always worth checking at the time of booking, as some package ski trips ‘assume’ you’ll be hiring skis in your resort, therefore taking your own is at an additional cost.

If you are booking your ski trip yourself, as separate components - flights, accommodation etc. - you will need to pre-book your skis onto your flight at the time of booking.

As you’d expect, each airline has different rules and rates for the carriage of skis and luggage. However, please do be aware, that while some airlines claim to let you take your skis ‘for free’ or at ‘no extra charge’ or ‘included in the price of your flight ticket’, bear in mind this is if they do not exceed your total baggage allowance so that’s your skis AND your luggage! Otherwise an additional fee is applicable.

Currently, the most popular airlines offering flights to ski resorts this season charge the following amounts:

Air France
The carriage of your skis is included in the price of the ticket, as part of your baggage allowance, providing you don’t go over the weight allowance of 23kg! If your case and skis exceeds this you’ll be charged a one-off fee, usually around £28, dependent on your final destination.

If your total luggage fits within 20kg there’s no charge, if not, a fee of around £50 is payable.

American Airlines
Skis can be taken at no extra cost if within your baggage allowance of 23kg, including your suitcase. If the combined weight is more than this allowance a charge will be made, depending on your final destination.

Expect to pay £15 to fly with your skis.

British Airways
BA includes the carriage of your skis as part of your ticket, included within your baggage allowance, providing they don’t measure more than 190cm in length. However, if your skis and suitcase exceed BA's weight allowance you’ll be charged £25 for additional baggage.

Skis included in the 22.5kg allowance can be carried for free, if not, a £25 fee is charged.

You will be charged each way for your skis with easyJet, at a cost of £27.

Book your skis in when you book your flight or this price increases to £35 each way when checking in.

You should expect to pay £30 each way for your skis, booking in advance is essential as the airline will not permit you to check in any skis that haven’t already been booked.

Changeable fees, depending on where you’re flying to, are charged if your skis and luggage exceed the baggage allowance of 20kg.

Ski carriage will be charged at £25 and must be booked in advance.

The total weight must not exceed 20kg.

You’ll be charged £50 each way to take your skis on a Ryanair flight, and must be booked in advance of travel!

PS – don’t forget your winter sports travel insurance too! Regular travel insurance will not cover you for extreme sports, such as skiing or snowboarding. Also, you need to make sure you have the correct level of insurance, sufficient to cover your skis, board and boots.

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