Safety Tips for Overseas Holidays

Even the most well travelled of us needs reminding how to stay safe when holidaying abroad.

And now ABTA has launched a new campaign simply entitled ‘How to Have a Safe & Healthy Holiday’.

For the most part, most of us are aware that we must take care on holiday, as tempting as it is to just kick back and relax. But, every now and then, it does us all good to be reminded of safety issues associated with holidays.

Here’s a brief roundup of the latest travel advice regarding holiday safety:

  • For security, never leave your keys with your room number visible to passers by
  • Place all your valuables and travel documentation in the safe
  • Don’t leave windows and doors open, especially in ground floor accommodation
  • Never leave children unattended on balconies
  • Never lean on balcony edges, even if they are brick
  • Be aware that tiled bathroom floors can be slippery and take care when getting in and out of the bath/shower
  • Make yourself aware of the pool rules and never leave children alone by water, however shallow
  • Opt to use tourist beaches that are manned with lifeguards
  • Avoid brushing your teeth with tap water, instead use bottled water
  • Drink plenty, staying well hydrated in the hot sun
  • Ensure all chilled food is kept cool in the fridge/freezer
  • At night, avoid badly lit, dark streets; sticking to the main pathways
  • Only use licensed taxicabs
  • Don’t travel without suitable travel insurance, which protects the whole family and their luggage
  • Ensure you pack essential and non-essential medicines in hand luggage.

Follow the above tips to help you have a safe and fun holiday, If you require further information check out ABTA's ‘How to Have a Safe & Healthy Holiday’ campaign leaflet