Passengers Want Cheaper Flights Rather Than Free Inflight Meals

For many of us, in-flight meals are a distant memory.

The in-flight meals that were provided on short haul flights were scrapped a long time ago by traditional airlines, not just by budget airlines.

Long haul flights still tend to provide inflight meals, however, according to a recent survey by TripAdvisor, many air passengers would rather forego in flight food and drink for cheaper flights.

A staggering, one third of all air passengers would prefer to pay less for their flights than receive in-flight meals. In-flights meals have been falling out of favour with passengers for quite some time.

Originally, when meals were excluded from short haul flights (those under 7 hours) passengers still had the option to pre-order a meal. However, this option was expensive, and with passengers taking their own ‘picnics’ on board, most airlines cancelled this option and only provide complimentary inflight meals on flights longer than 7 hours.

Passengers are allowed to take their own food and beverages onto an aircraft.

However, strict security rules need to be complied with should any passenger be considering this as an option. Take a look at our previous post on taking food on a plane.