Park Mark – the only way to park

Park Mark car parks offer the safest way to park your car.

Here's what a Park Mark awarded car park offers for you and your car.



Peace of mind – always, guaranteed.


Approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers.


Rolled out in 2004, ParkMark covers parking facilities in hospitals, shopping centres, train stations, airports and leisure centres. Currently there are 5,000 ParkMark approved car parks in the UK.



Keeps vehicles safe, keeps drivers safe. “Looks safer. Feels safer.  Because it is safer.”



Management of car parks is essential for safe and secure parking. Clean, tidy and graffiti-free facilities are proven to deter crime.


Approved Operators at Gatwick Airport must have ParkMark.


Rigorously checked by highly trained Police Assessors to ensure the utmost security measures are in place. Checks cover lighting, security, fencing, CCTV, patrols etc.


Keep a look out for the large blue box logo with a white tick in the centre.

All Help Me Park's car parks are Park Mark awarded, so don't delay, book your Gatwick meet and greet now!