Money-saving tips for using a mobile phone abroad

Would you like to take your mobile phone on holiday but don't because you think it’s too expensive to make and receive calls? Or maybe you’ve been caught out before when taking your phone abroad and received an expensive phone bill on your return.

There are ways to make travelling abroad with your mobile phone that little bit cheaper - here’s how:

Call your network provider
Before you travel, call your network service provider to see if they can offer any short-term deals on overseas calls, texts and data.

Data roaming & GPS
Make sure your data roaming and GPS functions are switched off to prevent apps running in the background, collecting updates. For example – social media sites collect hundreds of updates a day, all of which use your data and cost you money.

Deactivate voicemail
You will be charged to receive calls when overseas, this includes messages left on your voice mail. So to avoid hefty costs that are out of your control by deactivating your voicemail facility whilst you’re away.

Free Wi-Fi
In a bid to gain your custom, many restaurants, cafes and bars offer free Wi-Fi – so be on the lookout for places that offer free Wi-Fi.

Download in advance
Download information pages, maps etc. before you travel, and save to your mobile’s hard drive. This way you can access them without any charge.

Free ‘Call Home’ Apps
If you haven’t already checked, look for Apps that don’t charge to send texts, picture messages and emails. Apps like What ‘Sapp for example can help save you money.

Spare SIM card
If you just want to use your phone to call home or send some texts, consider buying a cheap, basic mobile phone, one without Internet connectivity, and a spare SIM card .

Top up options
If you’re on a pay-as-you-go contract you could find yourself running out of credit while you’re away. To avoid the struggle to top-up abroad, pre-register a credit or debit card with your network provider so you can top up in one simple call.