Mobile Phone In Case of Emergency – ICE – Number

The ICE contact stored in your mobile phone is renowned internationally as the phone owner’s next of kin/emergency contact.

Whilst you will know that ‘Joe Bloggs’ in your mobile’s contact lists is your next of kin/emergency contact, a medical official will not.

Therefore, it is advisable that everyone puts in an 'In Case of Emergency' (ICE) contact number. This should be your next of kin with whom the authorities can contact in the event of an urgent situation or who can consent to emergency medical treatment, and give details on your medical history.

It’s simple to add this vital information – simply enter your next of kin as ICE in your contacts.

As you fill in your contact’s name prefix this with ICE, then their relationship to you and their name. For example, ICE – Mum – Shirley.

It’s also worth adding an ICE 2 if you are travelling with your ICE contact. Careful consideration should be given to whom this ICE contact is as they may be required to give consent to emergency medical attention.

Alternatively, if you have a smart phone then it’s worth considering downloading an ICE app – this holds a myriad of emergency information about you to be used by medical professionals and emergency services.