Lost or Stolen Passport – here’s what to do

If the unthinkable happen whilst you are away and your passport is lost or stolen here is advice on what you should do:

  1. In the first instance you must report the lost or stolen passport – immediately – to the local police so an official police report can be issued. You will need this report for any insurance claims and to ensure a temporary passport (called an emergency travel document) can be issued so that you can get home.
  2. Secondly, you need to contact the British Embassy in the country you are staying in (or the Foreign Office, High Commission or Consulate). Here you will be given an LS01 form – this means your current passport can be cancelled, preventing any identity theft, that's why you should report the loss of your passport as soon as possible.You can find out where this is by going online -
  3. You will then need to apply for an emergency travel document, which will act as your temporary passport to get you home - a charge will be made for this. This application can be made during traditional office hours and must be made in person, not over the phone or online. Everyone who has had their passport lost or stolen must apply for the emergency travel document, so all must attend the application in person – this includes children and babies.

It is always advisable to make copies of your travel documentation before travel – this includes passports, air tickets, accommodation vouchers etc. It’s worth taking a photo of these and storing them in your phone, emailing them to yourself and leaving copies at home with family or friends. Having this information available will make the process of issuing emergency travel documents much quicker and easier.