Long haul flight survival tips

Do you dream of visiting Australia, or perhaps the Far East but the thought of the long flight puts you off? Don't worry, you’re not alone.

Being cooped up in a small space for hours on end doesn’t sound like the perfect start, or finish, to a holiday, but there are ways to cope.

If you do decide that the draw of the destination is worth the long flight, check out our suggestions on how to make the time pass quicker and make it that little bit more comfortable, slightly less boring and hopefully, bearable:

Wear Loose Clothing
Sitting in a small, confined space for a long period of time will be made all the more uncomfortable if you’re wearing tight clothes. Opt for comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and wear layers that are easy to take off, or put on, if needed. Don’t forget your shoes too; always wear comfortable shoes, ones that will allow for a little bit of swelling of the feet.

Travel pillow
A small travel pillow will help to make your seat a little more comfortable if you’re trying to take a nap. Take an eye mask and ear plugs too.

Pack some travel-size toiletries in your hand luggage to help you freshen up on the plane.

Pre-book Your Seat
If you’re on a plane for 10 hours or more, pre-book your seat, but make sure you do it when you book your flight rather than waiting until shortly before you travel as the best seats get snapped up fast. Think about aisle seats, aircraft door seats and seats by emergency exits as these come with much more legroom. To check out the best seats on your aircraft, take a look at SeatGuru.

In-flight Meals
Most long haul flights will include meals, however, if you’re given the option to opt out of these in a bid to save money don’t. Eating a meal easily whiles away half an hour or more.

In-flight Entertainment
Make sure you have enough things to keep you entertained for the entire flight. Make sure your kindle has enough books to read, and that you take enough music, films etc. to keep you going for your outbound and return flights.

Fully Charged Electrical Devices
Simple but often overlooked – make sure your electronic devices are fully charged. The last thing you want is for the battery to run out half way through your flight.

Re-set Your Watch
To help you adjust to your destination’s time and to help alleviate jetlag, set your watch to your destination’s time.

Keep Hydrated
Make sure you drink plenty of water during the flight to stay well hydrated. Once you have passed security and are into the departure lounge you can buy bottled water and take it on the plane with you. You can also buy water on board the plane but you may have to wait a while until the trolley passes through.

Move About
Make sure you get up and move around the cabin. Although you won’t be able to go too far a good stretch of the legs can do wonders.