Last-minute Checks When Travelling With Children

So, we’ve all heard of the expression ‘don’t forget your toothbrush’. Well, if you’re travelling with children, don’t forget to check out these tips a day or so before you travel.

These last-minute checks will help to make your journey, and your child's, go as smoothly as possible.

Online Check-In
Online check-in is a must. It can save you a lot of time if your airline has two separate queues – one for pre-check in and one for those who haven’t - when you arrive at the airport. What’s more, if you haven’t pre-booked your seats you can choose your seating, making sure you and your children aren’t separated.

Boarding Passes
Don’t forget to print your boarding passes – this is especially handy if you’re flying with hand luggage only. It means you don’t have to queue at check-in, you simply make your way through to security and into the Departure Lounge.

Flight Times
Always check your emails the day before you travel, and again in the morning, just in case your airline has changed your departure time.

This actually happens more often than you think. If your flight time has been changed you can adjust the time you plan to arrive at the airport rather than arriving at the airport earlier than necessary and having to entertain children for longer.

Book Your Seats
If you’ve not yet booked your seats together then do so. You normally find you can do this around 24 hours before the flight departs.

Know Your Airport
Keeping children entertained can be tricky, so think about how it’s going to be in a potentially very busy airport; especially if your children have been up since the small hours.

Take a moment to get to know your airport. Gatwick, for example, has dedicated kid zones where little ones can play, and with plenty of adult seating, you can relax and enjoy a takeaway coffee. If you’re travelling with babies, make sure you know where the baby-change facilities are too.

Hand Luggage Security Rules and Regulations
To save any embarrassment and fretting in front of the children, make yourself aware of the airport security rules surrounding hand luggage, particularly the liquids in hand baggage rules:

  • Any liquid goods must all fit into one re-sealable plastic bag per person.
  • All liquid goods must be 100ml or less.
  • Liquid goods include make-up items, washing products and some food stuffs.
  • Objects, such as scissors or nail clippers, are not permitted.
  • Toy guns etc. are not permitted.

Weight Allowances
Weigh your cases before you leave. You don’t want to have the hassle of unpacking any luggage that exceeds the weight limit, or paying a hefty fee to take it with you.