In-Flight Packed Lunch Advice

You won’t be alone in thinking you can't take a packed lunch and snacks on board a flight.

However, you’d be wrong. Passengers are allowed to take snacks and food on board an aircraft to eat during the flight.

This is handy to know, given that in a recent article The Telegraph revealed that airlines mark up their food considerably, and budget airlines can increase the price of their onboard snacks by as much as 2,646%!

So you might want to think twice about a packet of crisps, or a bag of peanuts to go with your pre-holiday G&T, and instead think about taking your own.

Next time you’re jetting off why not organise your own packed lunch – especially if you are travelling with young children?

Guidelines for Taking a Packed Lunch Through Security

  1. The first rule of taking your own packed lunch is that you cannot take liquid food products in quantities greater than 100ml through security – even though they are food they still must adhere to the 100ml rules.

    Therefore, items such as yoghurts and soups, pasta in sauce etc. can’t be taken; unless they are less than 100ml and placed in your clear plastic bag.

    To be honest, it’s probably best to avoid taking those foods – you'll only hold up the security queues and you'll risk having them confiscated.

    Also remember jars of jam, honey etc. are considered liquid goods.
  2. You are allowed to include small pieces of fruit and vegetable sticks within your packed lunch – things like apples and bananas are fine, as are carrot and cucumber sticks.
  3. Pretty much anything else goes, so long as it fits in your hand luggage – sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, chocolate, cakes etc. are all fine.
  4. If you plan to pack your picnic in a lunch box, make sure it fits inside your hand luggage - your packed-lunch box counts as a piece of hand luggage and most airlines only permit one item of hand luggage to be taken on board.
  5. Do bear in mind you won’t be able to take drinks through airport security so don’t bother. Instead, buy your bottled water and fizzy drinks in the newsagents and food outlets in the Departure Lounge – you can then board the aircraft with these.
  6. Don't buy hot drinks and liquids, such as soups, to take on board. For safety reasons, most airlines prohibit passengers from taking hot liquids on board.
  7. Now, don’t go thinking you’ll save a few pounds by cracking open your duty frees during your flight. Your duty free goods will be given to you in a sealed bag. This seal must not be broken until you have reached your destination and disembarked the aircraft.
  8. And lastly, don’t forget a napkin or some wet wipes to clean up those sticky fingers .

By taking a packed lunch on board you can save a considerable amount.

Have a great trip, and don't forget to book your Gatwick meet and greet parking as early as possible