How to Pass The Time on a Plane

For most of us, the thought of spending more than a couple of hours on a plane is the ultimate in boredom factor.

So what can we do to while away the hours when confined in those ‘delightful’ little seats? Well, here is a few ideas to keep you going:

Thanks to smartphones and tablets you can download the TV series and movies that you’ve been promising yourself you’d watch. Download in advance so they're stored on your device. Just don’t forget to pack headphones!

Write a Letter
A what???? Yes, a letter. The art of writing is passing us all by. Yet how wonderful is it to receive a letter or postcard through your door (makes a change from bills)? Pack a notepad and pen and spend some time writing a letter – to a friend, to a loved one, to a family member, even to yourself.

Learn Something New
Always fancied learning a new language or a new skill? If so, check out ITunes U – it’s an open university type app that has thousands of things for you to learn – and what’s more, it’s totally free.

Eat a Packed Lunch
Pack yourself a posh picnic and when you’re feeling peckish treat yourself to something nice to eat. Try to include ‘lite bites’ that take a bit more time to eat, as well as a rather nice baguette and a dessert. How about veggie sticks and dips? A selection of nuts and berries? Small Florentine biscuits? And why not treat yourself to a drink from the onboard bar? How very civilized!

There’s a time and a place for everything, and a trashy magazine or two can be perfect company on a flight.

No list can miss out a good book – lose yourself in the latest chick-flick, thriller or feel-good novel. If you don't fancy carrying a book in your hand luggage, load up a Kindle or similar reading device with a couple of good novels.

Help yourself get some sleep by packing a neck pillow, ear plugs and an eye mask. Remember to stay hydrated, and don’t over eat as feeling full up will hamper any chance of some shut eye.