How to be Prepared at Airport Security

We’ve touched upon some of the most annoying things at an airport, and one of these was unprepared passengers; those who don’t have their paperwork ready at check-in and who are totally unprepared to pass through security.

Here’s our advice on how to make sure you’re prepared for airport security so that you’re NOT that passenger!

Preparation is key when passing through security at any airport, especially during busy times, such as school holidays, and as airport security remains a top priority it will not, regardless of the number of passengers queuing, be compromised.

Here’s a quick reminder on how you can help reduce queues and the time spent passing through security:

  • Boarding passes – have your boarding ready for inspection as you approach security. You don’t need your passport at security
  • Remove jackets and coats, even cardigans and fleeces may need to be removed, and placed in a plastic tray ready to be x-rayed
  • Remove any coins and keys from your clothing and place in your bag – this reduces the likelihood of you triggering the alarm on the security archway
  • Be prepared, you may need to remove your shoes and belt
  • Remove laptops, tablets, mobile phones and any other electrical devices from your hand luggage and place in a plastic tray for scanning. Don’t forget to make sure all electronic equipment is charged before leaving for the airport – if your phone or other item cannot be switched on when requested it will not be allowed onboard the plane
  • Remove liquids – you should have already placed these in your clear, resealable plastic bag. Don’t forget the liquids rules - containers no larger than 100ml. Place your liquids bag in one of the plastic trays provided for scanning.