How do I know my car is safe with meet and greet parking?

Meet and greet parking is the ultimate in convenience - but many people still aren't sure how it works and whether it is a reliable form of airport parking. Read on to find out how to check if a Gatwick meet and greet parking company can be trusted with your car keys. 

The benefits of airport parking 

While many people still choose to book a taxi or organise a lift with friends when travelling to the airport, more and more passengers are discovering the benefits of airport parking.

Meet and greet parking offers customers the most convenient airport parking option out there. After all, what can be easier than driving straight up to the airport terminal, handing your keys to a driver who is waiting for you there, before heading into the airport to begin your trip?

How do you know your car is safe?

However, despite its growing popularity, it's understandable that many people have reservations about meet and greet parking (also known as valet parking), as they are not parking the car themselves or seeing where it is actually parked.

Unfortunately, at this time of year in particular there are a number of meet and greet parking firms operating at Gatwick Airport without the necessary safety credentials in place. This means that from time to time, we hear horror stories about cars being parked in unsuitable locations and damage being caused to vehicles. 

What can I do to check if a Gatwick meet and greet parking is approved?

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can check if a parking company is one you can trust.

So, you've Googled "Gatwick meet and greet parking" and found a number of options for valet parking providers at your chosen airport. What's the next step if you wish to find the safest airport parking option out there?

Firstly, you need to look for the Park Mark approval. Park Mark, also known as the Safer Parking Scheme, was set up to offer a national standard for car parks when it comes to safety and security. In order to gain the Park Mark award, a car park must meet numerous stringent requirements.

The Park Mark website states: "Most car parks are safe places, most of the time. But not all! Park Mark helps you tell the difference."

How does a car park receive the Park Mark award?

In order to achieve the Park Mark award, a car park must have management practices and security measures in place which aim to reduce crime. Each site undergoes an assessment by specially trained local police officers.

The car park itself receives the award - not the parking operator. So it's crucial to look for this, as any rogue operators parking cars in muddy fields, pub car parks or on residential streets will not be able to produce this accreditation and you will know they are not operating legitimately.

What happens to my car after I leave it with a meet and greet driver?

A trained and trusted driver from a reputable firm will take your car to a secure and Park Mark approved car park and park it there until your return date. On the day you are due to return from your trip, we will monitor flight details to ensure no delays have taken place, before moving your car into position ready to drive it back to meet you. 

We ask our customers to give us a call when they have collected their luggage, to let us know we can set off to meet you. We're just a few minutes' drive away, so once you've call us we will be there promptly.

How else can I check if a meet and greet parking company can be trusted?

There are a number of ways you can check up on a company if you are unsure whether they are approved and can be trusted to provide meet and greet parking to Gatwick Airport customers.

Look out for the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence accreditation - this means a business has been vetted and approved to operate in a fair, legal and honest way.

You can also check out reviews on independent sites like Google, Feefo, Trustpilot, Yell and Revoo. If something has gone wrong, you can usually rely on former customers to air their complaints on the web, so if you do your homework you'll soon find out whether a company can be trusted with your vehicle. View our Feefo reviews here.

Following a company's social media channels is a great way to gain a feel for the kind of business they are. When it comes to following a meet and greet airport parking provider, look out for pictures of staff and car parks. If they all look a little too slick, they may be library shots, so always keep an eye out for "candid" shots of the day to day running of the business to see if it looks like a genuine company with a real car park. 

Gatwick meet and greet parking you can trust

The core values of our business are reliability, convenience and trust. We understand it can be daunting to leave your car with a stranger and we work hard to prove to customers that we offer a service you can depend on with staff you can trust.

Find out more about our security and safety measures here.