Holiday Beauty Product Packing

For many, packing a suitcase is a fine art... rolling this, folding that, stuffing the other!  What about packing breakables and delicate cosmetic items? How should you pack those?

The last thing you need is for your expensive bottle of perfume smashing in your suitcase and leaving everything wet and smelly.

Why not check out these fab tips on how to ‘hack your pack’:

If your foundation or powder comes in a mirrored compact, avoid seven years of ‘bad luck’ and pop one or two cotton wool pads inside and close shut.

Perfume, aftershave etc. are volatile items to pack in your suitcase. Not only do you not want to break your expensive bottle but you don’t want the entire contents of your suitcase smelling of your favourite fragrance either. Place your perfume in a resealable plastic food bag and then in a thick sock, if you’ve only got thin ones, double them. Then, make sure you pack it in the middle of your case inside a layer of clothing.

Decant your liquid foundation into a small plastic travel pot – and remember, if you’re packing it in your hand luggage, it needs to be 100ml or less. To prevent spillages, place a layer of Clingfilm over the bottle/pot before putting on the lid.

Decant a small amount of day and night creams, eye creams or serum into contact lenses pots to save you taking the whole pot.

Hair Slides
Fed up with your hair clips and pins scattered all over the place – simply pop them in a Tic-Tac container.

Whether you use a flannel as part of your beauty regime or not, wrap your soap in a flannel to protect it from banging into other items and leaving a soapy scum in its wake.

Keep those sharp blades out of harm’s way by putting a bull-dog clip over them.

Make Up Brushes
Prevent your brushes from damage by placing them in a glasses case or, get a small square of fabric to roll them up in and secure with a ribbon tie.

Have a happy, and beautiful, holiday! x