Gatwick’s Holiday Hotspots for 2017

One of the many bonuses of living in the South East is the fact we have a major airport, offering a wide variety of international destinations, at our fingertips – Gatwick Airport.

As the UK’s second busiest airport, and the world’s busiest single runway airport, it’s a thriving hub of holiday hotspot getaways, making the big wide world that little bit smaller.

And so, as the festive frolics of December are long behind us, and the gloomy and depressing January blues set in, what better way to cheer yourself up than booking your next holiday?

But where will us Brits be jet setting off to this year?

According to Gatwick Airport, we’ll be travelling near and far with a mix of European city breaks, winter sun and far flung adventures.

When it comes to long haul, Gatwick’s most popular destinations will be:

  • Barbados
  • Dubai
  • Jamaica
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Vancouver

And popular short haul, city break destinations this year will be:

  • Amsterdam
  • Edinburgh
  • Barcelona
  • Venice

Or perhaps, there are other destinations you’d like to discover this year?

According to top travel experts, 2017 is going to be an exciting time for travel as changes in the world we live in evolve, for better and sadly for worse.

As a result, there are some fantastic places gearing up towards tourism, either through accessibility, local Government support or increased flights. 

Cuba, for example, now has its first commercial service from America opening a good stream of tourists. The best time to visit Cuba is during the dry season, between December and May.

The Balkans is usually very popular; however, Turkey is seeing a drop in visitor numbers while Montenegro is fast becoming known not only for its natural scenery, medieval architecture and stunning coastline but also for its celebrity following.

Lonely Planet has just awarded Canada the coveted title of the number one place to travel this year, especially for its diversity and North American heritage. Canada is vast, so check the weather conditions of the area you are planning to visit before you book.

Nepal has also been rated as a must-see this year, especially for value for money. For trekking, it’s best to visit between late September and early December. Or the end of February to mid-April for the dry season.

National Geographic rates Hawaii’s Kauai as one of its ‘must-do’ destinations for 2017. Hawaii's weather is better between September and November or April to June, with the whale watching season starting in January and throughout the winter months. 

It also highly recommends Malta as somewhere to visit this year. Malta's weather is very similar to the UK, so visit during the peak summer months if you’re a sun worshipper.

This year, the Cypriot city of Paphos has been awarded the coveted title of European City of Culture.  This means that there will be a wealth of traditional and modern entertainment in this welcoming city; not to mention its stunning beaches, tropical temperatures, architecture, history and culture, plus it also offers a very vibrant nightlife scene too. With warm temperatures and very hot in the summer, Cyprus is ideal for couples and families all year.

As convenient flights increase in number, Lapland is also rapidly gaining in popularity – where can you see such diverse landscapes and the Aurora Lights?  To see the lights, the best time to go is September to early April.

And, when you’ve booked your holiday, don’t forget to book your Gatwick meet and greet parking – book early to secure the best possible price!