Gatwick terminals on Google Street Maps

If you dread the thought of finding your way around Gatwick Airport; trying to find your favourite coffee shop, restaurant or shop in the Departure Lounge, or simply trying to locate your boarding gate.

Then fear no more, Gatwick has teamed up with Google Street View to provide a unique street view of the inside of the airport from a home PC or smartphone, so you’ll never get lost again!

Passengers will easily be able to find the café, restaurant or shop of their choice whilst at the airport.

The Gatwick Google Street View is the largest indoor view in Europe and is made up of 2,000 images stitched together to let travellers take a virtual tour of all the airport’s public areas.

Perfect, if you’re not a frequent Gatwick traveller. Passengers can check out the airport before flying, or while they wait for their flight.

Travellers will be able to see the airport via an interactive map, which will show their position within the airport, and use the compass mode to navigate their way around the airport.

To access Google’s Gatwick interactive map, simply log on to Google Maps or Gatwick’s own website where a direct link is available.