Gatwick Airport Passenger Numbers Soar Adding To Expansion Case

Gatwick has reported record passenger numbers this week.

The airport, the UK’s second largest and the World’s busiest single runway airport, saw 35.9 million passengers travel through its two terminals between March 13 and March 14.

As a result of this increase, the airport believes it has a stronger than ever case in its quest to be granted permission to build a second runway.

As well as increasing passenger numbers, over and above the level that Heathrow attracts new passengers, Gatwick also claims that it would be able to complete the building of a second runway much quicker than building a third runway at Heathrow.

It also claims the runway will be cheaper, with substantially less cost to the taxpayer than its Heathrow rival.

An independent Government inquiry by the Airports Commission, headed up by Sir Ian Davies, has short listed Gatwick and Heathrow for possible expansion; whilst not completely ruling out a recommendation of a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary, although industry insiders think this is unlikely. The final decision will be made after the General Election in 2015.

Gatwick is expanding fast in terms of securing new airlines and more routes. Over the last 12 months alone the airport has added many new routes, including those to long haul destinations. New routes include Paris, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Jakarta, Jersey, Newcastle and Aberdeen and later this year, New York will be available.

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