Gatwick Airport on Google Street Maps

If you’re new to Gatwick Airport and have never flown from either the North or South Terminal, and you’re a little concerned as to how you’ll negotiate your way around the UK’s second largest airport then never fear… Google Street maps is here!

Google Street maps have gone into Gatwick and used their photographic mapping technology to show every square inch of the airport.

So whether you want to find your check-in zone, work out where the location of the monorail link is, find a cashpoint, bureau de change or newsagents landside Google Street maps is your answer.

Google maps is also available airside (once you’ve passed through security) in the Departure Lounge. This means you can find all your favourite shops, restaurants and even work out how far away your boarding gate is.

You can check out Google Street maps online before you go and if you have a smartphone, you will also be able to access the site whilst you’re actually in the airport. You can access the site via the Gatwick Airport website and, of course, Google Street maps.