Forgotten Holiday Essentials Cost Brits £96m a Year

Forgetting toothbrushes and other essential items is costing British holidaymakers a small fortune.

Yes, that’s right – a staggering £96 million a year is spent replacing items that we forget to pack when going on holiday.

Whether we’re in a rush to pack, don’t plan what we need properly or can’t squeeze it into our hand luggage, those forgotten items result in a small fortune being spent in-resort to replace them, a recent survey has discovered.

The survey by leading online travel agent, ebookers, found that two thirds of respondents had to replace several items including sunglasses, swimming costumes, phone charges and even underwear when they arrived on holiday because they’d forgotten to pack something essential.  

Believe it or not, despite taking a day longer to pack than men, it’s actually women who are more likely to leave something at home. Perhaps the ladies need more things; perhaps the men just don’t care and can live without some items.

The survey found that 18-24 year olds are the worst offenders, with four in ten young travellers forgetting their toothbrush and three out of ten forgetting to pack their suntan lotion, while only two in ten adults forgot their suntan lotion.

Unbelievably, some holidaymakers - one in ten - admitted to forgetting their camera (ok, we can understand that one) and swimming costumes?  One in twenty admitted to leaving bras and shoes behind.

The research revealed that each holidaymaker spends around £13.17 on forgotten items – that’s the equivalent of a meal out or several pints of beer or glasses of wine in many of our favourite holiday hotspots across the continent.

Speaking about the interesting survey, ebookers’ Laura Panico, commented, “We all know how expensive it can be to book a holiday abroad, but we very rarely factor in money to replace our forgotten items.”

Unsurprisingly, toothbrushes were the most common item to be left at home, with suntan lotion, mobile phone charges, medicines and sunglasses following closely behind.   

Ms Panico added, “We would advise people to create a suitcase check list before they leave, and take important items, such as passports, money and phone chargers, in their carry-on.”

So, this year when you’re packing, don’t forget your toothbrush, or underwear or shoes, and spend your hard-earned spending money on something more enjoyable like a cold glass of something, an ice-cream or a nice meal out, not boring forgotten holiday essentials!

Oh, and don’t forget to book your Gatwick meet and greet parking too.

Happy Holidays