Foreign Office Updates Oman Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – FCO – has updated its advice on Oman to travellers, also taking the opportunity to reiterate the importance of adhering to local customs and laws.

As an Islamic country, it is illegal for any unmarried heterosexual couples to share the same hotel room in Oman.  In its latest update, the FCO also reminds ladies they must be ‘modestly’ dressed in public, covering up the tops of arms and legs, with strictly no underwear on show.

The FCO also reiterates that homosexuality is illegal in Oman and punishments are severe. 

It also reminds travellers that bad behaviour, swearing and displays of affection will catch the attention of local Police and can be punishable. 

Drinking alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal. It is also against the law to drink, or be drunk, in public. To avoid incidents, the drinking of alcohol should be limited to official tourist destinations only.

The British Embassy has informed the FCO that many travellers, when trying to cross the Hatta UAE/Oman border, are being redirected, adding time to their journey. It is therefore advised to look into an alternative crossing route.

For traveller’s information - the country has also introduced short visas for visits of up to 10 days.