Flying With Medication

It can be a worry when you're flying with medication, but a quick check of what you can and cannot carry and what you need to accompany your medicine will put your mind at rest.

Here's an overview of the regulations surrounding flying with medicines:

Prescription medicines
If you are travelling with prescription medicines you will need to carry a letter from your Doctor confirming the medication. If your medication needs to be administered via a syringe, or you need an epipen, this must also be stated in the Doctor’s letter. A repeat prescription for your medicines is also advisable.

Do not decant your medicines; keep them in their original packaging to avoid any confusion when passing through security.

Prescription medication is subject to additional screening at security.

Most airlines request that you only pack enough medication in your hand luggage to last for the duration of your flight, plus extra to cover 3-4 days as a precautionary measure. The remainder of your medications should be packed in your main hold luggage.

Some ingredients that are found in medicines can be illegal in some countries, so it’s worth checking before you fly – check the Commonwealth’s website for information.

Repeat Prescription
It's always advisable to carry a repeat prescription just in case your medication is lost - you may need to get a medical centre to re-issue the prescription so it is valid in the country you are in.

Chilled Medicines
If your medication needs to be kept cool you will need to travel with a small cool box, as passengers are not able to store medicine in the aircraft fridge.

Over the counter medicines
If you need over-the-counter medicines these can be packed in your hand luggage without too much concern. However, please note that restrictions still apply with regards to taking lotions and creams as they still fall into the category of ‘liquids’. Therefore, they cannot be carried in quantities of more than 100ml and will have to be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

You can usually buy most over-the-counter medicines at the pharmacy after security. If you choose to do this, give them a call to check they stock what you require.

If in any doubt about carrying any medication or medical equipment, always contact the airline you are travelling with.