Flight Superstitions - Top 10 Revealed

Apparently, one is six people has a fear of flying despite the odds of being involved in a plane crash being one in 11 million!

You may not regard yourself as a nervous flyer, but do you have any superstitions when it comes to air travel?

A surprising number of air travellers admit to having little rituals that they must perform before taking their flight.

In a poll of 1,894 Britons aged 18 or over conducted by online travel agency, Sunshine, 65% of those polled answered yes when asked “Do you have any superstitions when it comes to going on flights?”

Here are the top 10 flight superstitions as revealed by Sunshine's poll:

  1. Touching outside of plane before getting on to ensure a safe flight - 17%
  2. Taking a good luck charm/mascot onto the flight - 15%
  3. Refusing to sit in certain seat numbers - 14%
  4. Reciting prayers or mantras - 11%
  5. Only flying at certain times - 8%
  6. Only flying with certain airlines - 8%
  7. Holding hands to ensure safe take off/landing - 6%
  8. Sticking to a certain routine (e.g. ordering same drink) - 5%
  9. Only flying from a certain airport - 3%
  10. Not flying on certain dates (e.g. Friday 13th) - 2%

Whether or not you have a little ritual that you must do before flying, or a lucky charm that always travels with you, have a safe and happy holiday!