Flight Compensation – Tips on Preparing a Claim

If you believe you have the right to compensation from a flight, whether it’s as a result of a delay, being bumped or a flight being cancelled, then you need to make an official claim.

Here we provide tips and advice on preparing your claim so you have the very best possible chance of being compensated.

Claim Application
In the very first instance you must make sure you put forward your claim in the correct way, so you need to find out how your airline wants you to submit your claim.

Each airline is different. Some require a letter, others have a form to download, and some airlines require you to call in advance for a reference number. Call the airline you are claiming against to find out.

Say Why You Believe You Have A Right To Compensation
You must explain clearly and precisely what happened and why you believe you are entitled to compensation.

Clearly State What Compensation You Are Expecting
You should also make it very clear what you are expecting from the compensation i.e. expenses reimbursed, such as meals and accommodation or transfer costs, or a refund on the flight from a severe delay.

Include Full Details about You & Your Flight
You must include all details about yourself and your flight, including:

  • Full name and address, including all your contact details, such as land and mobile numbers, email address and postal address
  • Full details of all passengers within your party who you are also claiming for
  • All booking references
  • Travel dates
  • Flight number
  • Departure and Arrival Airports
  • Length of Delay
  • Any relief offered by the airline at the time of the delay i.e. ‘welfare package’ • Names of staff who advised you on the day

Include Hard Evidence
Once you know how to claim you need to make it as substantiated as you can – you need hard evidence that something has occurred and any costs you incurred as a result, for example:

  • Include receipts of all incurred costs as a direct result of the delay or cancellation
  • Boarding Passes
  • Booking Confirmations
  • Tickets

Copy All Evidence
It is essential you take photocopies of all the evidence you are sending to the airline, just in case anything goes astray.

Send Your Claim by Recorded or Special Delivery
If you are required to post your claim and evidence, ensure you send it Recorded or Special Delivery so you have evidence that it was posted, it also enables you to be able to track when your letter was delivered.


If you require evidence of historic flights visit the Flight Stats website – you will need to sign up for an account but this will allow you to view historic flight details.