EHIC Card Essential for European Travel

Results of a survey carried out by Allianz Global Assistance suggests that one in three holidaymakers will be turned away by hospitals because they don't have an EHIC card.

So, if you’re about to jet off on holiday to Europe make sure you have a valid EHIC card, which entitles you to free emergency medical treatment.

Regardless of travel insurance, which is an essential for foreign travel, the EHIC card sees that instant, emergency treatment is given in state-operated hospitals. Failure to have an EHIC card will see travellers turned away.

Remember, Europe does not have the same, unique NHS medical care as the UK.

The EHIC card is FREE!

You can apply quickly and easily, either online or by phone, calling 0300 3301350.

  • Please also note that every person in the travelling party needs their own EHIC card, including small children and babies
  • If you already have an EHIC card, ensure it is still valid – EHIC cards are valid for up to 5 years, so check when yours is due for renewal.

When on holiday, be sure to carry the EHIC card on your person at all times, so if something unfortunate does happen you have don’t have to get back to your accommodation to retrieve it.