Early holiday bookings increase

Do you believe in the benefits of booking your holiday early?

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), more and more of us believe that it's best to book our holidays early. As a result, tour operator and travel agent bookings were up by more than 10%, even before the end of January.

Certainly the weather that has battered the UK has had an impact on holiday bookings, with airports across the UK reporting big increases in passenger numbers during the winter months. Gatwick, for example, reported a significant rise in passenger numbers in December and January.

Interestingly, in a survey carried out by ATBA, it is the younger traveller - 16-24 year old – that is more likely to book their holiday early, 48% of those asked. 27% of respondents admitted booking their holiday earlier this year than last and 20% said they had left it later.

Amidst all the bad weather, many travellers are wondering if last minute deals will be available this year when so many of us are booking early. Travel Agents say that people are booking early so that they don’t miss out on their first choice of holiday resort.

The combination of bad weather and the government introducing fines for parents taking their children out of school during term time for holidays means that demand for holidays in peak periods is increasing – a great reason to book your holiday early.

As well as being safe in the knowledge that they’ve booked their annual holiday, more and more Brits are finding unusual places to holiday. Of course, resorts in Spain and America continue to be popular, especially those travelling with children. However, countries such as Vietnam, Tanzania, Croatia, and Nepal are seeing a sharp increase in demand. For more ideas of up-and-coming holiday destinations check out our previous article.

Can’t wait for your summer holiday? Why not take advantage of the long Easter weekend, when Good Friday and Easter Monday mean two extra days’ holiday for the majority of us.

Gatwick offers many short-haul routes, perfect for a few days away or a week’s annual leave, plus they are far less busy than peak holiday times. Take for example Cyprus and Turkey, which boast average temperatures of 21ºC in April and are easily reached in just 4 hours. Both of which are slightly warmer than the popular Balearic Islands, which see average temperatures in April of around 18ºC and can be easily reached in around 2 hours. Whilst not overly warm, the 16ºC average temperatures experienced in Sicily in April are very pleasant; and the beautiful, tranquil country offers holiday makers a fabulous mix of culture, beaches and of course gorgeous cuisine, making it a perfect getaway that’s just that little bit different.

While booking your holiday early makes sense, so does booking your airport parking early too - book your Gatwick meet and greet parking today to secure your space and the best posible price.