Do you know where your car is parked?

Do you know where your car is parked when you go away on holiday?

You may think your car is parked in a secure car park with perimeter fencing and CCTV. After all, the company you booked with said it had a secure car park, it even had photos of the car park on its website but, in reality, things could be completely different.

Take the case of a Manchester Airport passenger who booked airport parking that promised a ‘secure parking area’. You or I would take that to mean a secure car park with perimeter fencing, CCTV, security lights and a gate.

The customer decided to find out where his car was actually parked by installing a tracking device to his car. What he found was that his car was, in fact, parked in a muddy field about four miles from Manchester Airport.

The unknown passenger contacted the Manchester Evening News who visited the site and discovered scores of vehicles parked in the muddy field and no evidence of perimeter fencing, CCTV or lights. 

What can you do to ensure you book secure airport parking?

To help you ensure that you get the secure airport parking you pay for, it's recommended that you use a company that has obtained the following:

Safer Parking ParkMark Award
The ParkMark award is a police initiative to reduce crime. In order to obtain the ParkMark certificate, car parks must be inspected by the police and demonstrate they have appropriate security measures, lighting and effective surveillance in place.

Once obtained, car parks are inspected annually to ensure safety standards are maintained.

To check which companies at your local airport have been awarded the ParkMark certificate visit

Buy with Confidence
Trading Standards has now expanded its Buy with Confidence scheme to cover airport meet and greet parking, so it’s wise to use a company that has achieved Buy with Confidence accreditation.

In order to achieve Trading Standards’ approval, companies must be inspected to ensure they operate in a legal, honest and fair way.

To check out members of the Buy with Confidence scheme visit:

Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme
Don’t forget, if you’re looking for secure meet and greet parking at Gatwick then use an Approved Operator, such as Help Me Park.

Gatwick’s Approved Operator Scheme has done the security checking for you – all Gatwick Approved Operators must hold the ParkMark award for all car parks they operate from, and they must be approved by Trading Standards, having achieved Buy with Confidence status.