Christmas Trip to Lapland

Christmas is a magical time for children, and if your budget stretches to a trip to Lapland you're in for a real Christmas treat.

Family trips to Lapland have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years. The search for Father Christmas and the promise of deep snow appeals to both young and old. And now, thanks to a number of tour operators, a trip to Lapland is more accessible than ever.

If you’re considering a family trip to Lapland this winter, here are some tips on getting there and what’s involved:

Length of Stay
Decide on how long to go for and what your budget can stretch to – a Lapland holiday isn’t cheap. Day trips are available, but be warned, although it’s magical, it’s a very long day. A popular choice is a 4-day break away, which offers a more relaxed trip.

Age of Children
Lapland is extremely cold with temperatures as low as -30, so most tour operators advise that the trip is not suitable for children under the age of 3. Although you may not wish to wait, it’s best to leave a trip to Lapland until your very little ones are older.

Thermals and Clothing
With temperatures as low as -30, you will need thermals. Thankfully all good operators will loan you the correct clothing – a thermal suit, boots, gloves, socks and a hat. However it’s advised that you wear very warm, layered clothing on your journey too.

Flight Times
Gatwick flights to Lapland take around 3 and a half hours, and usually depart first thing in the morning.  Once you arrive in Lapland, your transfer will take around one hour.  The day itself usually lasts for a full 6-7 hours.

Magical activities are part of your day from the moment you land in Lapland, from making snow angels on the forest floor to the thrill of a husky ride. You get to feed reindeer, have fun sledging, helping the elves in the post office, decorating gingerbread biscuits with Mrs Christmas… the magic is endless!

Before You Book
Make sure know exactly what is and isn’t included in your package. Some packages, for example, include a husky ride, others don’t.  Some include light refreshments, again, others don’t. Always check what is included in your package to avoid disappointment and also so that you know what you will be charged extra for.

The currency in Lapland is the Euro, so make sure you have a supply for any extra treats, activities or refreshments.

Meeting Father Christmas
The highlight of every trip is meeting Santa himself. You’ll delight as you go off in search of his hidden hideaway, helped by little notes scattered throughout the forest to guide you in the right direction.  Once in his welcoming abode, it’s everything you imagine, a chocolate box from the outside, a roaring fire inside. What makes it truly magical for your children is the amount of information Father Christmas knows about them (helped by the fact you’ve filled in a questionnaire shortly after you’ve booked!).

Northern Lights
If you’re really lucky, you may even get a glimpse of the amazing Northern Lights while you are there.

Gatwick Flights
Flights and packages to Lapland are available from Gatwick through several airlines and tour operators.