Cheapest Places to Holiday in 2017

The results of the annual Post Office Travel Money survey have been released and it’s not all rising prices and doom and gloom (unlike what you might have read in the press). Believe it or not, in some countries this year it’s even cheaper than ever before!

Every year the Post Office Travel Money survey puts together the cost of a ‘shopping basket’ full of essentials -  a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, a beer, a glass of wine, a soft drink, sun cream, insect repellent and the cost of dining out for two -  in 44 of our most popular holiday hotspots around the globe.

This year, it’s great news for us Brits looking for a short-haul holiday, as nine of the 10 cheapest destinations are in Europe.

If you’re off on holiday and you want to save a few ‘quid’ check out the cheapest places to holiday this year.

According to this survey, the cheapest destination is the Algarve, Portugal, where prices have dropped this year by a whopping 19% compared to 2016 - the basket price came in at £33.36. Whilst Bulgaria came a very close second, with prices having fallen by 18%, its basket totalled £33.53.

Speaking about the survey’s findings, the Post Office Travel Money’s Andrew Brown, said: "Holidaymakers can do little about sterling's value but they can do their homework and plan trips to resorts or cities where prices for meals, drinks and other tourist staples are low.”

So where will you get more for your buck? Here are the top 12 destinations that are cheapest this year, according to the survey...

  Destination Basket Total
1 Algarve, Portugal £33.36
2 Sunny Beach, Bulgaria     £33.53
3 Costa del Sol, Spain                             £38.79
4 Marmaris, Turkey                                  £49.74
5 Prague, Czech Republic                      £51.17
6 Paphos, Cyprus                                    £53.03
7 Budapest, Hungary                                £53.18
8 Tokyo, Japan                                         £58.47
9 Silema, Malta                                          £62.62
10 Corfu, Greece                                          £63.54
11 Cape Town, South Africa                  £65.37
12 Cancun, Mexico                                                      £66.50

Mr Brown added: "Further afield, Tokyo and Cancun are good bets for bargain hunters but don't discount Cape Town or Bali.  If the rand and rupiah fall in value, low costs on the ground could make these great choices too."