British Holiday habits abroad

Are You a Typical Brit Abroad?

To many, the typical Brit abroad stereotype conjures up visions of Syd James et al in a Carry On film.

Thankfully, long gone are the days of the British male, donning his finest string vest and makeshift handkerchief hat strolling down the promenade.

No, the modern holidaymaker’s habits have changed somewhat and, thanks to a recent survey by leading car hire provider, autoeurope, of 2,000 Brits on a two-week holiday, we can see exactly how much.  

So, for a bit of a giggle check out the results of this survey and see how many you fit in to...

Bulging Budget
On average we spend £1,863 on our accommodation, flights and spending money.

Boozy Britain
Oh yes, we Brits love nothing more than an alcoholic beverage when we’re on holiday.  So much so, we consume 56 alcoholic drinks during a two-week break.

Speak the Lingo
Oh yes, we want to converse with the locals, so much so that on average we Brits pick up around four local phrases whilst we’re away.

A blissful three hours is spent relaxing on a sunbed topping up our tans (don’t forget your suntan lotion!) – a third of us are by the pool/beach by 10am.

Too Close for Comfort
Oh dear, spending all that time with our loved ones causes around four rows.

Too Cold? No, Too Hot
What? We go away for some summer sunshine and yet we moan on average eight times about being too hot!

Everyone loves a holiday read and, on average, we finish two books and get halfway through a third.

Go Gadget, Go
Seems we can’t leave gadgets alone, even when we’re on holiday – a whopping 2.5 hours a day are spent on electrical devices such as iPads, mobiles and laptops.

1.6 hours a day is spent just updating and checking our social media profiles!

Blow the Diet
We diet like mad before we go, yet 37% of us forget the calorie counting whilst we’re away and eat what we like. A quarter of respondents said they ate around 500 calories more per day than they would back at home.

Lost In Translation
Maybe our internal compass gets left at home? Oops, we tend to ask for directions three times when we get lost out and about on our travels.