Additional USA Electronic Security Alerts

Following the increased security alerts across the globe last week as a result of possible Independence Day attacks, airports across the UK are continuing to keep up additional security measures.

New security checks now include the checking of all electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, mobile phones etc. If the device cannot be turned on, even if it is simply out of battery life, the device will not be allowed to go onto the plane.

Gatwick Airport runs tight security throughout the year, and whilst only a few services fly to America, the airport is carrying out heightened security checks as US Security Chiefs received intelligence that US flights could be the target of an air attack.

During the 4th of July celebrations last week, airports across the Globe carried out additional security checks on those travelling to the USA, and on some flights that fly through the United States of America’s airspace. It is possible also, that shoes will also be checked at the Boarding Gates, just moments before passengers board.

Following on from the American celebrations, all airports remain on tight security. Gatwick Airport is operating as normal with these new security checks added on. The airport reassures passengers that there should be no delays to flights, however, passengers may need to allow additional time to pass through security in busy periods and may also be called to board earlier than usual.

Strict hand luggage rules are still in force. As a result, here is the correct information regarding…

  • Liquid Items
    The liquids in hand luggage rules still apply. You can only include liquid items within hand luggage that are 100ml or less. Such liquid items much be placed in resealable, clear plastic bags (similar to small sized food bags). Failure to comply with these rules will mean that they will need to be disposed of. Liquid items include mascara, hair spray, shaving foams, liquid medicines, lotions and creams etc. it’s not just very wet, watery liquids – one of the biggest misunderstandings about hand luggage security rules.
  • Foodstuffs
    Liquid foodstuffs may also only be carried in 100ml or less, including soups, yoghurts, jams etc. Whilst it is best to be prepared before arriving at the airport and have your bags planned, resealable plastic bags are available at the airport.
  • Baby Milk
    Passengers travelling with babies are allowed to travel with larger quantities of baby milk. However, as a security measure, milk carried in a bottle – not milk in a sealed carton – will need to be tested by an adult. Again, however, the milk must be placed in a resealable bag.
  • Sharp Objects
    Everyday objects to us may seem innocent. However, once at the airport they are considered dangerous objects and as such must be packed in your main hold luggage, this includes tweezers, nail scissors etc.
  • Lighters
    Each passenger is permitted to carry one cigarette lighter. It must however be placed in the resealable bag.