How to keep your home safe while you're on holiday

Let's be honest, how many of us add home security measures to our holiday preparation list? The fact is, holidays leave our homes vulnerable, so it's smart to take security precautions before you go. So what exactly can we do to keep our homes safe while we're on holiday?

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What to do if you lose your passport

Did you know almost 50,000 of us Brits lose their passport abroad every year? It's every holidaymaker's worst nightmare - but fear not, we've got your back! Find out what to do if you lose your passport (and how to avoid it!).

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Keeping your holiday money safe

If you’re off on holiday this summer and have yet to purchase your foreign currency, then it might be worth reading the following:

According to research and an investigation by Xpress Money, many British holidaymakers are turning themselves into ‘holiday cash mules’ by taking more money than they need.

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Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

In the age of the independent woman, it's become commonplace for women to travel abroad alone. Whether it’s because you’re young, free and single, or just don’t share the same travel aspirations as your friends, there’s no better time to go it alone.

As with any travel, however, it’s imperative to take steps to stay safe. So take a moment to check out our safety tips for solo travel:

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Question: Can Wrapped Christmas Presents Go In Hand Luggage?

If you’re jetting off at this time of year, the chances are you will be flying with Christmas presents in your hand luggage.   

But do you know what to do with any Christmas pressents you're carrying, can you travel with gift wrapped presents in your hand luggage?

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Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

If you're worried about taking cash with you on holiday, concerned that it could get stolen, check out our useful tips on where to stow your cash while you are out and about.

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Tips to keep your passport safe on holiday

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is urging British holidaymakers to keep their passports safe while they are abroad this summer.

Last year more than 20,000 British passports were reported lost or stolen.

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Your quick guide to liquids in hand luggage rules

Marmite, Nutella and baked beans - the dos and don’ts of liquids in hand luggage.

If you're still confused about the liquids in hand luggage rules and what constitutes a liquid, don't worry, you're not alone.

London City Airport revealed recently that it has had to confiscate Marmite, Nutella, and even baked beans from passengers who still aren't aware of the rules.


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How to Financially Protect Your Holiday

Your summer holiday will probably be one of the most expensive things you’ll purchase this year so you need to make sure that it’s financially protected.

Through our commitment with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office check out the following advice and information on how best to financially protect you and your travel plans.

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How to be Prepared at Airport Security

Earlier this week we touched upon some of the most annoying things at an airport, one of which was unprepared passengers; those who don’t have their paperwork ready at check-in and who are totally unprepared to pass through security.

Here’s our advice on how to make sure you’re prepared for airport security so that you’re not that passenger!

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Hand luggage tips

While most of us know what can be packed in our hand luggage, for some there is still some confusion as to what items are permitted and what items are prohibited in your hand luggage.

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Worldwide Emergency Mobile Phone Number

Did you know that there is an international emergency phone number that can get you access to help and urgent attention, which you can use anywhere in the World from your mobile phone?

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Additional USA Electronic Security Alerts

Following the increased security alerts across the globe last week as a result of possible Independence Day attacks, airports across the UK are continuing to keep up additional security measures.

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Festive hand luggage travel tips advice, rules & regulations

Gatwick has reported that it will have its busiest ever Christmas this year, with around two million people passing through the airport over the festive period - more than 60,000 people will fly out of the airport on Sunday, 22 December alone.

If you're one of the many flying though Gatwick this Christmas, check out our tips about festive hand luggage, rules and regulations.

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Current hand luggage liquid regulations

More and more of us are travelling with hand baggage only and as a result all our liquids have to be packed in one small bag. The rules governing liquids in luggage can be confusing and anything that doesn't conform to the rules will be confiscated. Here's a quick guide to what is and isn't permitted to help you pass through airport security quickly.

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