Hold Luggage Travel Insurance Exceptions

You may have travel insurance that covers your checked in baggage but if your airline requires you to place your cabin baggage in the hold because of lack of space on the airline, it may not be covered by your insurance.


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Foreign Office Warning on False Sickness Claims

Sadly, in the ‘blame and claim’ culture we live in, it’s to be expected (although this certainly doesn’t make it right), but the number of travel insurance claims being made for fictitious ‘sickness-bugs’ is on the increase.

Holidaymakers, thinking that there’s no proof over whether they were or weren’t ill, are claiming that they were the victims of sickness and diarrhoea bugs.  

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Survey finds 1 in 5 wants alcohol ban at airports

Most of us enjoy a drink at the airport while we’re waiting for our flight. In fact, it’s almost seen as a ritual; the pre-flight drink that signals the start of our holiday. Unfortunately, for some, a pre-flight drink turns to many and can cause problems for passengers and flight crews on flights.

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Brexit Affecting Overseas Travel

It has been reported that following the shock Brexit decision, one in ten holidaymakers has put their overseas holiday plans on hold.

Interestingly, the same number believes that they will be treated differently since the UK voted to leave the EU.

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Flight Superstitions - Top 10 Revealed

Apparently, one is six people has a fear of flying despite the odds of being involved in a plane crash being one in 11 million!

You may not regard yourself as a nervous flyer, but do you have any superstitions when it comes to air travel?

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Top 10 Worst Habits of Air Travellers

Love it or loath it, the reality is that, nowadays, most of us fly.

Whether that’s for business or for pleasure, hopping on to an aircraft and jetting off is a way of life and, judging by the amount of flying we do, you’d think that it would be a rather enjoyable experience.

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Top 20 Safest Airlines Revealed

We regularly fly, but how often do you stop to wonder about the safety rating of your chosen airline?

Each year, reveals the top 20 safest airlines and top 10 safest low-cost airlines.

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Which? Reveals Do and Don’t Buy Suntan Lotions

Skin cancer is at an all time high, and the number of British sufferers is rising at an alarming rate.

As cases of skin cancer rise, more and more suntan lotions are entering the market place, all with varying price tags, all supposedly offering the same protection. 

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APD Axed for Under 12s

On Friday, 1 May 2015, the controversial Air Passenger Duty tax (APD)  was axed for children under the age of 12.

Great news for families wishing to fly overseas, and just the begin of the end of APD for children – APD for under 16s will be scrapped from 1 May 2016. 

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Will Low Oil Prices Reduce Flight Prices?

This week it was announced that oil prices were at their lowest for 6 years.

However, before we all get too excited about cheaper holidays, the Chancellor, George Osborne, believes that air passengers won’t see the benefit.

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Rush to Book European Holidays As Euro Crashes

There’s some great news for holidaymakers this year, all thanks to the falling value of the Euro. 

As the Euro crashes, the price of European holidays is also falling – the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.

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