‘Thin Ice’ Insurance Warning to Winter Sports Travellers

Government warning to skiers and boarders: Don’t forget Winter sports travel insurance.

As many of us are about to jet off to hit the slopes – more than 1 million this winter - a warning has been issued by the Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) concerning travel insurance.

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Winter Sports Safety Advice

Seasoned Skier, Savvy Snowboarder or First timer, be sure to take extreme care when you’re on your winter sports holiday.

While we don’t wish to be a killjoy, remember that while winter sports are exhilarating, they are also dangerous, so check out the following advice to make sure your holiday is fun both on and off piste.

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Winter Ski Tips and Advice

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to the slopes for skiing or snowboarding this winter, then check out our winter ski advice.

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10 Family Skiing Tips

As the ski season fast approaches, many young families are keen to hit the slopes with their children. Yet considerations for booking a ski holiday with children can be different to booking an adults-only ski trip. Take a look at our skiing tips for families.

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Skiing Holidays - Guide to Airline Charges for Skis

If you’ve booked a package ski holiday then it's more than likely that the total cost of your holiday includes taking your skis on the airplane.

However, this is not always the case. If you're booking your holiday as separates, it's worth checking whether the carriage of your skis is included or whether you will be charged extra - check out our guide to airlines and their charges for baggage and skis.

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Tips for First Time Skiers – In Resort

There’s nothing like a skiing holiday – it’s exciting, adventurous and exhilarating. However, if you’re new to it all don’t be adverse to taking some advice about how best to prepare.

Here are some top tips for first time skiers for when they are in resort.

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Tips for First Time Skiers – Preparation at Home

If you're heading off for your first ever skiing holiday then check out our top tips for first time skiers.

A little background information and an expert heads-up will help you to enjoy a truly awesome ski holiday, rather than feeling, quite frankly, ‘piste’ off with it all and wishing for sun more than a slope!

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