What you need to know about travel insurance

It's not the best type of holiday shopping, but buying travel insurance is crucial if you want to protect yourself should the worst happen while you're away. Read on to find out everything you need to know about travel insurance.

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8 tips for flying with children

Just the thought of flying with children can be enough to turn the majority of us off jetting away on holiday - but here’s how to make your life that little bit easier, with these 8 tips for flying with children.

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Flying With Young Children - tips on how to cope

As half term fast approaches, some of you lucky people will be jetting off to sunnier climes. But if it’s your first time flying with your young family, the chances are you’ll be a little apprehensive and concerned about how to cope with your children on a flight.

So take a moment and check out these helpful tips when flying with children.

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British Holiday habits abroad

Are You a Typical Brit Abroad?

To many, the typical Brit abroad stereotype conjures up visions of Syd James et al in a Carry On film.

Thankfully, long gone are the days of the British male, donning his finest string vest and makeshift handkerchief hat strolling down the promenade.

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Last-minute Checks When Travelling With Children

Travelling With Children? So, we’ve all heard of the expression ‘don’t forget your toothbrush’. Well, if you’re travelling with children, don’t forget to check out these tips a day or so before you travel.

These last-minute checks will help to make your journey, and your child's, go as smoothly as possible.

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How to Create Your Own Children’s In-flight Entertainment Pack

There are just a couple of weeks left of school, so many families are busy preparing for their annual summer holiday.  

And for those travelling with small children, there’s much more to think about than what clothes you need to pack in their suitcase... much thought needs to be given as to how to keep the little ones entertained on flights.

Whether it’s a short- or long-haul flight, here are some tips on what will help keep your little ones entertained.

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Which? Reveals Do and Don’t Buy Suntan Lotions

Skin cancer is at an all time high, and the number of British sufferers is rising at an alarming rate.

As cases of skin cancer rise, more and more suntan lotions are entering the market place, all with varying price tags, all supposedly offering the same protection. 

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How to Apply for a Child's Passport

Are you travelling abroad with your child for the first time? Don't forget, even babies require passports, so if you need to apply for your child's first passport, check out our guide to applying for a child's first passport here:

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Christmas Air Travel With Children

More and more families are deciding to pack up and jet off over Christmas time.  Whether that’s to see friends and family overseas or to enjoy the festive season in an idyllic, snow filled ski resort, travelling over Christmas time with children is becoming more common place than ever before.

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Christmas Trip to Lapland

Christmas is a magical time for children, and if your budget stretches to a trip to Lapland you're in for a real Christmas treat.

Family trips to Lapland have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years. The search for Father Christmas and the promise of deep snow appeals to both young and old.  And now, thanks to a number of tour operators, a trip to Lapland is more accessible than ever.

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Christmas Airport Travel Tips

Air travel over the Christmas period is becoming increasingly popular and with it comes busier airports.

If you're travelling over the festive period, check out our airport travel tips.

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ABTA launches Swim Safe campaign

In 2013, 16 British holidaymakers, five of which were children, drowned while on holiday abroad, and a survey of 2,289 Brits carried out in May for YouGov found that almost one in five people (18%) knows someone who has got into difficulty while swimming on holiday.

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Easter Fun at Gatwick

Looking to get away for Easter this year and flying with children? You'll be pleased to know that Gatwick has arranged some Easter fun to help keep your children amused while they wait for their flight.

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Early holiday bookings increase

Do you believe in the benefits of booking your holiday early?

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), more and more of us believe booking early is better. As a result, tour operator and travel agent bookings were up by more than 10%, even before the end of January.

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MPs Debate School Holiday Prices

One of the largest online petitions, which generated more than 160,000 signatures, has led to MPs debating the increase in prices for holidays taken during school holidays.

For years the public has complained bitterly about the steep increase in school holiday prices - more than double in some cases - that tour operators and holiday companies charge.

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Half Term Holiday Getaways from Gatwick

As the UK braces itself for yet another storm, you’re giving serious thought to escaping the UK during the February.

If you’re looking for sun this half term, and flying from Gatwick, there are many operators and airlines offering flights to hot and sunny resorts in February.

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Parents to be Fined for Term-time Holidays

The cost of a family holiday in term time is significantly lower than the same holiday taken in the school holidays. This difference in price often means parents take their children out of school for a summer holiday - a move frowned upon by schools and the Government.

Last year the Government announced that it would enforce a penalty notice on parents who took their children out of school during term time without permission.

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Flying with children through Gatwick

If you’re flying out of Gatwick with children then check out this article for top tips and helpful advice. It includes information on the services available at Gatwick and things you should know, and be prepared for, when flying with children.

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Taking children skiing for the first time

Skiing is fantastic winter fun and it’s enjoyable for all the family. However, if you’re taking your children to the slopes for the first time, check out the following tips and advice to ensure both you and your little ones have an awesome time on the pistes.

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Children’s Facilities at Gatwick

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or flying for the first time from Gatwick, flying with children can be daunting. However, with a bit of advanced planning and awareness of the children’s facilities available at Gatwick, flying with children isn’t too difficult.

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Best Christmas markets In Europe

Christmas markets date back to the middle ages, and are a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas and pick up some great Christmas presents too.

Here's a selection of some of the best European Christmas markets on offer:

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10 Top tips for flying with children

For many travellers the holiday spirit kicks in as soon as we get to the airport – a stroll around duty free, a bite to eat, a glass of wine even. However, for many parents the whole airport experience fills then with utter dread.  

The thought of juggling small children in the hustle and bustle of a busy airport and a long flight is a parent’s worst nightmare. If this sounds all too familiar, take a moment to read our top tips when flying with children.

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